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Research and Innovation

Dr Clément Duvert

Higher Degree by Research

Dr Clément Duvert is a catchment hydrologist and biogeochemist at CDU’s Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods. Before moving to Darwin in 2016, Clem completed his PhD studies at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, where he examined the use of isotopes to track the movement of water between aquifers and streams. Prior to that, Clem worked as a research associate in Mexico on a project aimed at quantifying erosion and sediment transport in small tropical rivers.

Clem is now a research fellow at CDU where he leads projects on aquatic carbon cycling, ecohydrology and stream–groundwater interactions in the tropics. His research combines field-based approaches, novel isotopic techniques and numerical modelling.

Clem is starting an exciting 3-year project that will quantify the greenhouse gas emissions from streams across the Australian tropics. Prospective students who have an interest in hydrology or aquatic biogeochemistry are encouraged to contact Clem for further information.

Other projects with capacity to support PhD students:

  • Sources and sinks of carbon in small headwater streams
  • Tree water sourcing in tropical savannas (in collaboration with Prof Lindsay Hutley)
  • Origin and age of groundwater sustaining surface water ecosystems (in collaboration with Dr Dylan Irvine)

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