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Research and Innovation

Dr Dylan Irvine

Higher Degree by Research
Dylan Irvine

As the driest inhabited continent in the world, water resources are vital to Australia’s population and environment. With increasing interest in developing Northern Australia, it is more important than ever to understand this precious resource.

Dr Dylan Irvine came to CDU in 2021 under the Outstanding Future Researcher program. With expertise in groundwater hydrology, the use of hydrological tracers (including isotopes and the temperature), groundwater-surface water interaction and coastal hydrogeology. Dr Irvine is involved in collaborative, multidisciplinary research that aims to understand the important role that water plays in the Australian environment.

Dylan has supervised students in coastal hydrogeology, groundwater management, and the impact of mining on groundwater springs.

Potential projects include groundwater-surface water interactions relating to many of the Territory’s major rivers (e.g. Adelaide, Flora, Daly), analyses and application of isotopic tracers, the impact of sea level rise on coastal water resources and wetlands, amongst others.

Prospective students with an interest in water resources and/or water in the environment are encouraged to contact Dr Irvine for further information.

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