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Prof Lindsay B. Hutley

Higher Degree by Research


Prof Lindsay Hutley

Lindsay Hutley is a plant physiologist with expertise in plant ecology, ecophysiology, ecohydrology, land-atmosphere exchange and soil science. Lindsay completed his PhD in forest hydrology/botany at the University of Queensland. Lindsay held several post-doctoral fellowships at Charles Darwin University and is now a Professor in the Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods.

Prof Hutley has succesfully supervised research students to complete their postgraduate studies. These include research topics such as:

  • Body fluid osmolality and hydric relations of frogs from monsoonal northern Australia (Reynolds, S., May 2011)
  • Investigating the spatial and temporal dynamics of the large-scale mangrove dieback around the Gulf of Carpentaria during the austral summer of 2015/2016, using active and passive remote sensing techniques (Gale, E. J., 1 Jun 2021)
  • I spy with my little eye: something beginning with ... fire (Edwards, A., Jan 2011)
  • Mangrove blue carbon dynamics in Papua, Indonesia : effects of hydro-geomorphic setting and land-use change (Sasmito, S. D., 27 Aug 2020)
  • Potential greenhouse gas emission reductions and carbon sequestration benefits from rehabilitating mangroves in Sulawesi, Indonesia (Cameron, C., Oct 2018)
  • Wavelet analysis of climate variability and savanna land-atmosphere interactions during the 20th century (Goodale, E. S., Nov 2014)

Recent work has focused on quantifying fluxes of carbon, water and energy balance from a range of ecosystems, including mangroves, temperate old-growth forests and Eucalypt-dominated tropical savanna ecosystems of north Australia. Understanding impacts of fire, land use change and climate change on these ecosystem processes is required to underpin natural resource management in north Australia and research programs are focussed on this goal.

Prospective students with interests in those topics above are encouraged to contact Prof Lindsay for further information.


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