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Research and Innovation

Professor Hamish Campbell

Higher Degree by Research
Hamish Campbell

Professor Hamish Campbell is the Associate Dean of Research, Innovation and Research Training within the Faculty of Science and Technology. He is a Professor of Spatial Science, leads The Movement and Landscape Ecology Lab, and is the Director of the North Australia Centre for Autonomous Systems. His research develops and applies novel technologies to integrative scientific theory to solve a range of problems in environmental science, the built environment, and livelihoods in Northern Australia.

Professor Campbell is by training an animal ecologist but has widened his research to address a range of environmental and societal challenges in Northern Australia.

In 2019, Professor Campbell was awarded the Charles Darwin University Vice Chancellors Prize for Exceptional Performance in Research. He has considerably experience in supervising HDR students both for the PhD and Master of Research. Prospective students that have an interest in animal biotelemetry or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems and their application to improve environmental and species monitoring, as well as, enhance livelihoods by improving connectivity and reducing remoteness are encouraged to contact Prof. Campbell for further information.

Projects with capacity to support PhD students are looking at the incorporation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems to solve monitoring logistics in environmental and agricultural science, renewable technologies, the built environment, and the incorporation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems into logistical supply chains in north Australia.

Prospective students with interests in those topics above are encouraged to contact Professor Hamish Campbell for further information.


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