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Research and Innovation

Dr Nazim Nassar

Higher Degree by Research
Dr Nazim Nassar

Dr Nassar, a practising pharmacist and academic, specializes in pharmacological, biomedical, and pharmaceutical sciences. As an applied scientist, his research spans various disciplines, including molecular pharmacology, cell signalling, and advanced drug delivery systems for biologics. His expertise lies in investigating the therapeutic effects of Phyto-compounds, such as cannabis extracts and biologics. He focuses on developing advanced controlled-release drug delivery systems to overcome limitations in targeting specific sites and achieving therapeutic goals while ensuring safety and patient compliance. Exploring natural molecules that mimic the body's biological processes aims to provide highly specific treatments with fewer side effects for chronic medical conditions like cancer, skin wound management, and infectious diseases. Under Dr Nassar's guidance, candidates pursuing higher degrees will gain expertise in receptor characterization, receptor-ligand kinetics, and molecular biological cell signaling. They will also develop skills in designing macroscopic, micro-, and nano-scale smart drug delivery systems, conducting physicochemical characterization of these systems, and modelling drug release kinetics.

Research Opportunities:

The HDR program offers projects centred on innovating advanced controlled and sustained-release drug delivery systems, both topical and subcutaneous. These innovative delivery systems, ranging from macroscopic to nanotechnologies, aim to treat skin-related medical conditions like melanoma and chronic skin wounds. Additionally, they can be utilised to deliver systemic medications for a variety of acute and chronic medical disorders, including the administration of antipyretics for children and infants.


Research Interests:

  • Bioactive peptides as biopharmaceuticals 
  • Phyto cannabinoids as biopharmaceuticals 
  • Advanced drug delivery systems for biopharmaceuticals

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