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Professor Marilynne N Kirshbaum

Marilynne Kirshbaum

Professor Marilynne N Kirshbaum is Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee and was previously Head and Professor of Nursing at CDU.

She remains strongly committed to promoting excellence in nursing research and teaching.

Throughout a long career, she has amassed 100 research articles, books, book chapters and international conference presentations, 15 PhD completions and has led doctoral programs for health care professionals.

Her area of clinical and research expertise is in cancer and palliative care, specifically in exploring how people who suffer from debilitating fatigue can summon up sources of vitality and energy.

Research interests:

  • cancer-related fatigue
  • chronic fatigue
  • physical exercise in cancer care
  • energy medicine/integrative health and wellbeing
  • art, music and dance for wellbeing
  • development of theory.

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