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Professor Wayne Cristaudo

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Wayne Cristaudo

Wayne Cristaudo is a Professor of Political Science at Charles Darwin University.

Before coming to CDU, Professor Cristaudo taught politics and then European Studies at the University of Adelaide. He then went to the University of Hong Kong where he was coordinator of European Studies and then the Division Head of West Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures.

Professor Cristaudo’s areas of interest combine the study of the nature of human beings, the history and nature of ideas and social and political institutions, and how these impact the different characters of peoples and nations. Professor Cristaudo is writing a book on this topic.

The broad scope of Professor Cristaudo’s interests means that his work has always been interdisciplinary and wide-ranging. He has written on political and social theory and philosophy, metaphysics, literature, love and evil, and the Western tradition. His research interests also have led to an interest in the social and political dimensions of religion, particularly Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Professor Cristaudo has supervised a broad array of topics from theses on European politics to development and international politics, to literature and social and political philosophy.

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