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Applying for animal ethics approval

Animal ethics

Do I need to apply for animal ethics approval?


All scientific activities involving animals must be approved by an AEC.

Factors which affect whether animal ethics approval is required for proposed activities include:

  • whether the activities impact on animals or their habitat
  • the species of animal involved
  • whether the activities are being undertaken for scientific purposes including research and teaching (as per the definition under the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes).

How to apply for animal ethics approval

The CDU AEC can accept applications only from registered users of the AEC.

View or download the application process infographic.

Animal ethics application process (PDF, 268.19 KB)

Please note the steps that need to be undertaken prior to submitting a new project and permit application for consideration by the CDU AEC.

Application assistance


AEC forms and templates

A suite of all documentation for your submission to the Animal Ethics Committee

Visit now

AEC resource library

Standard operating procedures and National Codes of Practice and Guidelines

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Contact us

If you are have any queries regarding the CDU Animal Ethics Committee, please contact the Animal Ethics team.

T: 08 8946 6063

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