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Animals at CDU

Animal ethics

The CDU campuses are situated in unique natural environments and are home to many species of animals. Significant efforts are made to preserve and create habitat to support resident wildlife.

Please respect and avoid interacting with wildlife on campus. If you have any concerns regarding any animal on campus, including if you encounter any injured animals, please contact the Animal Welfare Officer.

Bringing animals onto CDU

In order to ensure the welfare and safety of animals, as well as that of staff, students and visitors at CDU, it is compulsory to notify the Animal Welfare Officer before bringing an animal onto a CDU campus.

The Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) will advise whether an animal is permitted on campus and whether approvals—including ethics approval and other permits or licenses—are required.

The AWO will also work with you to ensure resources are available to provide for the wellbeing of any animals brought onto CDU land, as well as to ensure the safety of people and other animals on campus.

Please note that all animals housed on CDU land and which are being held for scientific purposes (including research or teaching activities), must be approved by the CDU Animal Ethics Committee. This is a mandatory requirement, irrespective of whether the project has already been approved by another institution’s AEC.

Please contact the Animal Welfare Officer for further information regarding animals at CDU.

Animal Welfare Officer

Dr Michelle Jeffery

T: 08 8946 6498
M: 0467 809 826

Contact us

If you are have any queries regarding the CDU Animal Ethics Committee, please contact the Animal Ethics team.

T: 08 8946 6063

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