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Forms and templates

Animal ethics

This page contains links to the forms and templates that should be used when preparing submissions for the CDU AEC. Forms are regularly updated, so ensure you download and use only the most current version.

New projects

There are two versions of the New Project and Permit application form. Please complete the one that relates to the type of animals included in your application.


Project reporting

Annual (progress) reporting is required for all projects with ethics approval. A final report must also be submitted at the completion of the project.

Failure to submit a satisfactory report may result in the suspension of your project and permits and cause a delay in your work.  

It is the responsibility of Principal Investigators to ensure that Progress and Final Reports are submitted on time.


Unexpected Adverse Event reporting (UAE)

Any unexpected adverse events (UAE’s) must be reported to the Animal Welfare Officer immediately via email or phone, followed by the submission of an UAE form as soon as practicable.

An unexpected adverse event (UAE) is any event that is not anticipated within an approved animal ethics project (or was expected but has occurred at a frequency or severity in excess of that forecasted), which impacts negatively on the wellbeing of an animal or animals. This can be a single or cumulative event, and may involve unexpected mortality, morbidity or injury. Sudden deaths, and husbandry-related accidents are included.

It is a mandatory requirement of project approval that all UAE’s are reported to the Animal Welfare Officer as soon as possible and that an UAE form is submitted for review by the AEC. Following notification the Animal Welfare Officer may provide instruction with regard to any further action that should be taken, which may include a direction to seek veterinary intervention and/or undertake a post-mortem.

If you are uncertain whether a specific event is considered a UAE, please contact the Animal Welfare Officer.

Project amendment requests

If you wish to request changes to any aspect of an approved project, you will need to submit a Project Amendment request for consideration by the AEC.

Examples of amendment requests include those associated with changing approved project personnel, adjusting project methodology or approved animal type or numbers, or extending the project completion date.

Project amendments that are both minor and urgent may be considered out of session by an Executive Committee (in accordance with the CDU AEC Terms of Reference). Any decisions made by the Executive Committee are subject to ratification at the next AEC meeting. Any requests for urgent out of session consideration should be made at the time of submission of the Project Amendment request and are assessed case by case.

Note that a Form A and /or Form B Declaration will need to be submitted with this request form, if the request includes the addition of investigators to a project.


This form is used to notify the AEC of a change to an approved project’s sites or locations.  It can only be used for wildlife field projects, for which the project approval states that additional locations can be added via a Notification Form.  The location or site changes must occur with no change to project methods, animal species or impact on the animals or the environment.

This form is used to notify the AEC of projects or activities, where animal ethics approval by the CDU AEC is NOT required.


NT Parks and Wildlife

Commonwealth Parks and Reserves

NT Government Medicines and Poisons Control

Contact us

If you are have any queries regarding the CDU Animal Ethics Committee, please contact the Animal Ethics team.

T: 08 8946 6063

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