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Longwater art exhibition
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Bawálba, designed in 2018 by Lucy Bulandjan Yarawanga

Manburrba: Our story of printed cloth from Bábbarra Women’s Centre

Manburrba: our story of printed cloth from Bábbarra Women’s Centre celebrates how Maningrida women have mastered the design, lino-block and screen-printing mediums over almost four decades. It is a story of women’s empowerment and how they have harnessed contemporary textile art forms to transmit ancient stories and knowledge.

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Gurindji Freedom Banners

Gurindji freedom banners

Gurindji freedom banners in partnership with Karungkarni Arts and Culture, retell the story of the historic Wave Hill Walk-off in 1966. The 10 iconic banners on display tell the Gurindji account of the ‘walk-off’, which was led by Vincent Jurlama Lingiari AM with Gurindji, Ngarinyman, Mudburra, Bilinara and Walpiri workers from Wave Hill Station, located in the Victoria River District on the northern edge of the Tanami Desert. 

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Where Lakes Once Had Water thumbnail

Where Lakes Once Had Water

Where Lakes Once Had Water contemplates how the Earth is experienced and understood through difference ontologies – ways of being, seeing, sensing, listening and thinking – that reverberate across art, Indigenous though, science, ancient and modern cultures, the non-human, and in between. - Sonia Leber and David Chesworth

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