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CYCM Ensembles

String Instrument Ensembles

Classical, Guitar and Ukulele Ensembles


A collaborative group of adult string players directed by Anja Tait. We play a wide range of repertoire, focussing on building string technique and developing our musicianship in the context of ensemble playing. Laughter is a key component of every session, alongside intensive rehearsal. This is music for wellbeing! 

Rehearsals: Tuesday 5:30pm - 7pm. Arrive 10 mins prior to set up, tune up and warm up.

Cost: $124 for eight lessons


Age Range



Stringlines welcomes adult string players of all levels who wish to play in an ensemble. 


Players learn to play together as an ensemble, developing their musicianship and string technique through diverse repertoire. 
Performances:Stringlines works towards a performance each term, with CYCM as well as both formal and informal performances in community settings. 


Guitar Ensemble - Commencing Term 4

Modern arrangements for guitar experimenting with chords, guitar percussion, bass lines, melodies, and some improvisation.

The group will start out with a simple blues melody to learn group dynamics, and a three chord pop song with accompanying melody. Depending on the groups interests and strengths songs can be chosen from the Top 40 hits or even movie soundtracks e.g. Michael Jackson to Ed Sheeran or the Star Wars Theme or a Disney Medley. 

Also experimenting with creating ambient textures, chords and melodies with the group, by listening to each other and improvising. Understanding group dynamics by listening while playing will be a big focus to ensure a beautiful sounding performance at the end of the term.

Work the group's strengths and interests while also making sure that everyone learns new skills and strengthen the skills already learnt.

Acoustic (Pop/Folk) - Electric (Jazz/Blues)

Every Tuesday 6pm until 7pm, commencing Tuesday 15th October

Cost: $124 for eight lessons each 1hour. Send your enrolment form to


Age Range

From the age of 8 years old (parents are welcomed to sit in the class)


Beginner to advanced level (beginner must be able to tune a guitar and play a simple tune) 


To enable students to listen to themselves and each other.

To teach students to contribute effectively as part of a group.

To teach participants to respond to direction from the conductor.

To improve participants reading skills.

Ukulele Ensemble

The Ukulele group develops basic skills like tuning, forming chords and learning strumming rhythms and gives participants the opportunity to work together in ensemble and experience making music with others.

Absolute beginners and ukulele players wanting to further the basics are welcome. Ensemble activity (group playing) based lessons help to develop the musical skills of students through supportive group lesson-performances.

Separate beginner and intermediate classes depend on enrolment numbers and student ability.

Age Range

6-12 years old every Monday 4-5pm

13 years and over every Monday 5:30pm – 6:30pm


Beginner to Intermediate Level


Develop ability to tune a ukulele in standard tuning

Learn 6 - 12 Ukulele chords

Learn ukulele strumming patterns and use several standard strums

Learn ukulele peices (songs), most with some with vocal accompaniment



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