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Research institutes

Our research institutes engage with our unique country and people.

The distinctive characteristics of the Northern Territory present researchers and research students at Charles Darwin University with unique experiences and opportunities.

Our research and capacity building activities engage with countries and communities to our north to ensure a global perspective and contribution to our region. 

Research Institute for Environment & Livelihoods

The Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) is a leader in tropical savanna and coastal research in north Australia. Research strengths include biodiversity conservation, savanna and arid adaptation and environments, water and catchments, and communities and livelihoods.  

RIEL works with our partners in northern Australia and our near neighbours to ensure sustainable management of resources and these unique ecosystems.

RIEL’s ‘livelihoods approach’ explores the co-existence between people and country, while recognising the services provided by a healthy environment.

Energy and Resources Institute

The Energy and Resources Institute (ERI) provides high quality research and consultancy for all aspects of energy and resources, including engineering, scientific, economic, environmental, social, community, legal, policy and digital considerations.