Indigenous Student Services – Tutorial Support

The University’s Indigenous Student Services– Tutorial Support (TS) Program provides free individual and group tutoring to eligible Australian Indigenous students enrolled in a Higher Education undergraduate or Vocational Education and Training (VET) course at the University.

 Funded by the Australian Government and co-ordinated by the CDU’s Tutorial Support team, the Program aims to improve the enrolment, progression and completion rates of Indigenous Students to the same level as other Australians by providing tuition services to supplement normal teaching efforts.

Tutorial Support Online

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Student eligibility for Tutorial Support

To be eligible for Tutorial Support assistance you must be:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander and be accepted as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander your community
  • currently be enrolled in an awarded Certificate III or higher CDU course.

 If you're studying a Certificate I or II qualification you may be assisted only if your units are being undertaken as prerequisite work and are part of a course of study leading to the attainment of a Certificate III level or above qualification.

If you already have more than two (2) undergraduate degrees you may be ineligible to receive tutorial support.

All Higher Education students requesting tutorial support should already have developed the appropriate skills for the tertiary environment including suitable levels of:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • computer skills
  • basic academic writing and research skills.

 If you're an Honours or Postgraduate student you may also be eligible to apply for tutorial support. These applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis subject to the requirement of course related assistance.

As of Semester 2 2018, the Program are not providing tutorial support for students studying tertiary enabling programs at CDU such as the Preparation for Tertiary Success Program or the Tertiary Enabling Program. Both of these programs enable students to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence required to succeed at university. The expert lecturers and tutors running these programs are available to support students studying both on campus and externally.

To find the best contact or support person in relation to their unit, students should contact their lecturer or course coordinator.

Tutoring hours and exam preparation

Each individual contract is determined by the students’ course enrolment and semester/term duration as outlined below.

 A Higher Education student:

  • Enrolled in 3 or 4 units is entitled to receive a maximum of six (6) hours per contract week.
  • Enrolled in 2 units is entitled to receive a maximum of four (4) hours per contract week.
  • Enrolled in 1 unit is entitled to receive a maximum of two (2) hours per contract week.

 If the student has more than one (1) tutor the hours will be split according to the student needs and the tutors’ availability.

 Students with unit exams will receive one (1) off exam preparation hours as outlined below:

  • 1 unit with an exam – maximum two (2) hours total exam preparation
  • 2 units with exams – maximum four (4) hours total exam preparation
  • 3/4 units with exams – maximum five (5) hours total exam preparation

 A unit that requires an online test or quiz will not be given extra exam preparation hours unless the quiz or test establishes 40% or higher of the total assessment mark.

 Higher Education contracts will consist of a total of 14 - 15 weeks from week one of the semester, or from the start date of requested tutorial assistance.

 A VET student:

  • Enrolled in a course determined full – time is entitled to receive a maximum of four (4) hours per contract week.
  • Enrolled in 1 unit of a course is entitled to receive a maximum of one (1) hour per contract week.

 VET contracts commence at the time of application and the duration is determined on the number of units/enrolment. Students have the flexibility to use their total contracted tuition hours as they require throughout the semester, however it is encouraged that students commit to meeting weekly with their tutor.

Additional support

If you require additional tutorial support please contact the team.  You will be assessed on available funding and your individual needs.

Forms for students

Tutor Information

Tutors within the Program are highly valued and are an integral part of the Indigenous Student Support portfolio and wider CDU community.

The Tutorial Support Program Tutor Guidelines contain comprehensive tutor information.

Tutor Registration

To register as a tutor, applicants will need to complete the Tutor Registration Form. This must be returned to the Tutorial Support team with the following:

  • Cover letter identifying demonstrated topic skills and experience;
  • Current Curriculum Vitae;
  • Academic transcript or proof of qualification/s; and
  • Photo identification (passport, license etc.).

Qualification and identification documents must be certified by a registered Justice of Peace or Commissioner of Oath unless originals are provided for verification by the Tutorial Support team.

Tutor Quick Links

Contact the Tutorial Support Team

L: Gurinbey Centre, Blue 2.1.21

Jasmine Wagner
TS - Project Assistant
T: 08 8946 7606

Yasmin Crawshaw
TS - Project Officer
T: 08 8946 6844

Jessica Procak
Indigenous Grants Assistant Manager
T: 08 8946 6422