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Learnline is CDU's online learning platform. This is where you can access everything related to your units.

24-hour Learnline Support

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Get started with Learnline

Learnline gives you easy access to learning materials, live classes, lecture recordings, assignment submission points, online tests, and engagement opportunities and group work and communication tools so you can engage with your lecturer and other students.

  1. Activate your student computer account
    Before you can log in to Learnline, you will need to activate your student computer account. Please visit My computer account to find out more.
  2. Make sure you have the right computer requirements
    To get the best out of Learnline, check the system requirements and troubleshooting to find out more.
  3. Login to Learnline
    Once you're set up, you can log in to Learnline via the CDU Portal by using your CDU email and password.
  4. Learnline Student Orientation
    Learn to navigate Learnline with the Get Going with Learnline units. You will find these in your Units list in Learnline.
  5. Learning on the Go
    Access grades and assessments, learning materials, discussions and more from the Blackboard App.
    Download on your Apple device and install.
    Download on your Android device and install.
    Check out the Quick Start Guide for tips and advice.

Blackboard Collaborate

Learnline includes an online classroom called Blackboard Collaborate. This allows staff and students to engage in a range of learning and teaching activities. Blackboard Collaborate has the following online classroom features:

  • ability to share audio and video
  • use telephony is a session
  • text chat
  • interactive whiteboard
  • view shared files and applications
  • polling
  • participate in breakout rooms
  • download session recording.

For help, students can visit Collaborate Ultra Help for Participants.

  • Before you join a Collaborate session, follow the steps below to make sure you're set up correctly:

    • Check you have a headset with an inline mic for good audio.
    • Check you have a wired internet connection if possible, especially if you're in an area with limited bandwidth or patchy Wi-fi service.
    • Use a recommended browser and running the latest version.
    • View Blackboard Help's Get started with Collaborate for Participants to watch a user interface tour.
  • You can participate in Collaborate sessions from your mobile device with a supported operating system, mobile web browser or the Blackboard app (check Get started with Learnline for details):

    For help, check out Collaborate in the Blackboard App.

  • To get the best possible experience in Collaborate, here are some tips:

    • Start your first session early to set up your audio - when you enter a session you may be asked to allow your browser to access your microphone and camera. Even if you don't plan to speak, you need to give your browser permission to access your microphone to hear others in a session.
    • Communicate with the session moderator if you're having technical difficulties or visit the Blackboard Help Troubleshooting page.
    • Don't run other applications or have downloads happening while attending a session as this will slow your connection speed.
    • Raise your hand when you have a question or a comment.
    • Click the audio icon in the Interaction bar to share audio - use only while talking.
    • Use chat to send messages to everyone in the session.
    • Add a profile picture so others can see you if you're not intending to share video.
    • Practice netiquette.
    • Remember to use earphones and a microphone when using the mobile application.

Getting help with Learnline

What kind of issues are you having with Learnline?


VET External Students

If your VET Lecturer has chosen to use Learnline for your learning@home you will be automatically enrolled in a Learnline site and your learning resources and assessment tasks will be there for you.

You will also be automatically enrolled in a VET Student Orientation site to help you learn how to use Learnline.

Access Learnline via the CDU portal and click on the Learnline tile. You can also use the links below for more information.

Learnline Student Support

1800 984 057

Online Support Portal

CDU VET Students learning from home

System requirements and troubleshooting

Before you can start using Learnline, you'll need to make sure that your computer has the correct setup.

  • It's recommended to have a recent model desktop computer or laptop with the following:

    • At least 4GB RAM or higher for optimal performance
    • At least 1GB of free disk space
    • At least 1024 x 768 screen resolution
    • Sound card and speakers
    • Headphones and microphone (A combined USB or Bluetooth headphone/microphone will produce better quality than a built-in microphone when participating in online classroom discussions)
  • A high-speed broadband connection is recommended.

    • Technologies not supported

      • Window XP
      • Windows, Mac OS, and Linux system NOT running a supported browser
      • Internet Explorer
      • Edge version 41 and lower
      • Firefox versions 50 and lower on desktop; all Firefox versions on mobile devices
      • Safari versions 10 and lower.

    Check your browser set up

    • Use the Browser Checker to make sure your browser is configured to Learnline.

    • Firefox or Chrome are the preferred browsers for Learnline on Windows or Mac, combined with versions 7 or 8 of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). We recommend installing both browsers.

      Get the recommended browsers:

      Blackboard's Browser Support Policy has detailed information about supported browsers, as well as javascript, cookies, and other plugins and software.

      You may also wish to review the specific VoiceThread Browser requirements.

      • Internet Explorer
      • Edge version 41 and lower
      • Firefox version 50 and lower on desktop; all Firefox versions on mobile devices
      • Safari version 10 and lower.
    • Some units might need additional plug-ins or software, such as Respondus Lockdown Browser or Java. Check your unit information to find out more.
    • For the best Blackboard experience with your screen reader, use Firefox and Jaws on a Windows system. On a Mac, use Safari and VoiceOver.

      To learn more about assistive technologies, visit Accessibility at Blackboard or Accessibility for Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience.

    We'd love to hear from you

    If you have any feedback from your experience of using this site, we'd love to know.