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Mastering the social world: Meet Chigozie

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When Chigozie, from Nigeria, took on a part-time role in the disability sector, it ignited a desire in her to study in the field and become a social worker. Now in her final year of a Master of Social Work, she’s grateful for choosing CDU. 

It was the tropical weather that first attracted Chigozie to live and study in Darwin.

"Darwin has very clear blue skies and the most amazing sunsets. I must say it is more beautiful than I imagined," she says.

Chigozie lined up a part-time job in the youth and disability sector. Helping young people with disabilities access opportunities and learn new skills to live independently just felt right. It was this work that led her to social work. 

I realised that I enjoyed my role as a disability support worker and decided to make a professional career out of it.

"I am also a firm believer in giving back to society," she says. "What better way to do it than engage in social and community services?"

Expert tutors and practical experience

Chigozie on campus

When it came time to choose a university, CDU was at the top of the list. The Master of Social Work program combines intensive courses delivered by professionals practicing in the field with real world placement opportunities

CDU brings social work to life. The lecturers are experts from various sectors of social work practice.  

"Students are guaranteed first-hand information from tutors who have actual experience in the field," she adds.

With CDU’s established reputation as a leader for online learning, the decision was an easy one for Chigozie. The teaching techniques are flexible, meaning students can attend classes in person or online. 

"I like the small-sized classes and the direct access students have to their lecturers," she says. "The library and the resources available to assist students are also positive factors I was impressed by."

Onwards and upwards


Now looking towards graduation at the end of this year, Chigozie is reflecting on the other experiences and opportunities CDU presented to her. 

"Becoming a student ambassador was one of the positive experiences I had and I’m grateful for. It offered me the opportunity to meet with other international students and expanded my view of the world." 

As Chigozie finalises her study, she’s grateful for her CDU experience.  

"I am glad I made that decision."

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