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Study Skills

Pythagoras Theorem

Pythagoras Theorem is a formula used with right-angled triangles. If we know the length of two sides, we can use it to find the third side.

Pythagoras is useful for many trades and for our daily life. It helps us with tasks like: 

  • A/C theory 

  • setting out 

  • building wall frames 

  • form working

  • buying a TV/Computer monitor 

  • air navigation.

Working through this page will: 

  • show you how to use c² = a² + b² to find missing lengths 

  • help you to practise what you have learnt. 

Understanding Pythagoras

The video and practice questions are designed to develop your skills in finding missing lengths or the distance between two points. 


The video will explain why and how we use Pythagoras and run you through a couple of examples. After the video, try a couple of review tasks to check your understanding.  


Answer these questions to ensure you have understood the information in the video. 

Try it yourself

These tasks will help you practise what you have learnt. Work through the questions. You can watch the video again if you have forgotten something. 


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