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Research and Innovation

Associate Professor Jyai Allen

Higher Degree by Research
Jyai Allen

Associate Professor developed a first of its kind empirical model that explains how models of care for vulnerable women modify predictors for poor outcomes and achieve measurable benefits for mothers and babies. This model (synergistic health engagement) has been widely cited to explain how models like Birthing on Country significantly reduce preterm birth. Associate Professor Allen facilitated co-design of an evidence-based strategy with multi-disciplinary clinicians to address escalating rates of caesarean section in the state of Queensland. The impact of the research has been translation of the research recommendations by Queensland Health into a plan for implementation which will now benefit maternity consumers, their babies and families, and maternity clinicians across the entire state of Queensland. Associate Professor Allen has published 37 peer-reviewed works, the majority in the areas of midwifery, health literacy, health engagement, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander maternity care. Associate Professor Allen has delivered international conference papers in Denmark (2022), Indonesia (2021) at the International Confederation of Midwives Triennial Congress (on-line due to COVID-19), and the United Kingdom (2017).

Research Interests:

  • Midwifery models of care 
  • Health engagement
  • Physiological birth and breastfeeding
  • Social determinants of preterm birth 
  • Critical qualitative methodologies
  • Mixed methods
  • Systematic review


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