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Strategic Services and Governance


Governance Document Management Framework

Charles Darwin University operates in an ever-changing environment and requires a robust Governance Document Management Framework to support the pursuit of its objectives. The framework:

  • Provides a sensible, transparent and coordinated approach to the creation of by-laws, policies, procedures and other documents, seeing them through the development and review life cycle;
  • Ensures that Governance documentation supports the University community in complying with relevant legislation and aligns itself with the University’s governing documents and the University’s Strategic Plan;
  • Allows the University community access to the documents that affect them; 
  • Optimises the number of University-wide Governance documents to the minimum necessary for sound business practice;
  • Delivers consistency, standardisation and predictability throughout the University, of Governance documentation and ensures only current versions are accessible;
  • Supports quality assurance and continuous improvement; and
  • Assists in the gap analysis of the University’s overall policy portfolio.

The Governance Document Management Framework provides the rules and tools by which Governance documents are developed, documented, approved, promulgated, controlled and reviewed.

Plans (such as the University Strategic Plan) are not included in the context of this framework as these are considered to be operational documents rather than Governance documents. One of the primary purposes of Governance documentation is to give effect to such plans.

Legislation, Acts and regulations of the Australian Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments apply as a matter of course to the University and case law may also be used to determine University Governance documents.

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