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The Academic Board is the primary forum for debate on academic issues in the University and has a major role in academic quality assurance processes. It is the principal advisory committee to the Council on academic matters and has the mission to protect, promote and enhance the excellence of the University's core academic activities - teaching, learning and research.

The Academic Board operates in accordance with the Charles Darwin University Act 2003 and the Academic Board Terms of Reference which sets out the powers and functions of the Academic Board and how these must be performed. 


Procedures for the appointment and election of members are prescribed under the Charles Darwin University Academic Board By-laws.

Elected Staff Membership

  • Chair;
  • Deputy Chair;
  • One (1) member of professional staff; and
  • Ten (10) members elected from the Colleges, two (2) from each of five (5) Colleges, elected by the academic staff of the respective College, normally one staff member drawn from Vocational Education and Training and one from Higher Education, provided the College offers both Vocational and Higher Education.

Elected Student Membership

  • One (1) VET student elected by and from VET student cohort;
  • One (1) undergraduate higher education student elected by and from the undergraduate higher education student cohort; and
  • Two (2) postgraduate higher education students elected by and from the postgraduate higher education students, one of whom must be a Higher Degree by Research candidate.

Ex Officio Membership

  • Vice-Chancellor;
  • The following members of the Senior Executive Team:
  • Assistant Vice-Chancellor;
  • Provost;
  • University Secretary;
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President Operations;
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor Northern Australia Medical and Health Development;
  • All Pro Vice-Chancellors;
  • All Deans;
  • Dean of Graduate Studies;
  • Directors of Research Institutes;
  • Director of Menzies School of Health Research; and
  • Director of CDU Global.

Permanent Observers

  • Chair of Academic Board, Batchelor Institute.

For further information on any aspect of the Academic Board, including scheduling or submission of papers, contact:

Mr Alec Fraser
Governance Secretariat Officer
T: 08 8946 6601

Committees of the Academic Board
Committee name
Committee contact
Alec Fraser
Governance Secretariat Officer
T: 08 8946 6601
Mardi Wheaton
Course Accreditation and Registration Support Officer – HE
T: 08 8946 6075
Mrs Keomi Braun
Quality Specialist – VET
T: 8959 5283
Raguib Muneer
Policy and Governance Support Officer
T: 08 8946 6734
Raguib Muneer
Policy and Governance Support Officer
T: 08 8946 6734
Vibeke Foss
T: 08 8946 7785