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Values and Culture

Safer communities

Steps to a safer community

At CDU we believe in diversity as a strength and welcome differences in culture, race, religion, gender identity, ability and sexuality. We are proud of the diversity of the CDU community and we are working together to create a fair, safe and inclusive university where everyone can thrive. We speak out against discrimination and social exclusion in all forms.

A safe and respectful community is everybody's responsibility. 

CDU’s Safer Communities is a cross university platform that pulls together a range of student-focused work that is happening across different teams and Colleges under four pillars:

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Behaviour management

Early identification of students with concerning or threatening behaviour and interventions to ensure their safety and the safety of other staff and students.

Respect. Now. Always

Prevention of and response to gender-based violence including sexual harassment, sexual assault and exploitation.

Diversity and inclusion

Creating a welcoming environment free from discrimination where a diverse range of students can participate and succeed.

Mental health

Building resilience and wellbeing amongst the student population.
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​​​​​CDU’s Safer Communities is a platform to adapt and implement a safe and connected University community and will rely on a strong University culture of zero tolerance for unsafe behaviour. It sets a remit for safer communities from the student perspective and fits with our Student Code of Conduct values of respect, inclusion, ethics and integrity, excellence and accountability.