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Values and Culture

Safer communities

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Steps to a safer community

At CDU we believe in diversity as a strength and welcome differences in culture, race, religion, gender identity, ability and sexuality. We are proud of the diversity of the CDU community and we are working together to create a fair, safe and inclusive university where everyone can thrive. We speak out against discrimination and social exclusion in all forms.

A safe and respectful community is everybody's responsibility. 

The University uses the CDU Safer Communities framework (PDF, 1.27 MB) (PDF, 1.27 MB) for improving community safety, pulling together a range of student-focused work under four pillars.

Behaviour Management

The Behaviour Management pillar focuses on identifying students at risk and managing the impact of concerning or threatening behaviour, and includes: 

  • Training for academics and front line staff in managing student behaviour
  • Code Black training for key staff
  • Processes for escalation of concerning or threatening behaviour
  • Establishment of a cross-university threat management group
  • Identification of external expertise
  • New Code of Conduct
  • Case management/ records system.


The Respect.Now.Always pillar focuses on preventing gender-based violence and improving the CDU response to sexual assault or harassment. Our immediate priorities include:

  • Participating in the 2021 National Student Safety Survey
  • Online reporting tool
  • Review of consent materials and roll out of fresh resources
  • Creation of resources for responsible use of alcohol & other drugs
  • Development of case management procedures
  • Articulation of zero tolerance stance in practice
  • Focus on IHD and other residential settings.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion pillar will ensure all students can participate and succeed in a welcoming environment free from discrimination.  The plan includes:  

Mental Health

The Mental Health pillar aims to reduce social isolation, connecting students with each other, with the University and with relevant community organisations. Understanding the importance of physical, emotional, financial and spiritual wellbeing, the plan includes:

  • an improved range of student services online and on campus, including chaplaincy, sexual health and budgeting/finance,
  • campus activation at all sites, building a strong community,
  • development of an international student support plan, 
  • rollout of the suicide prevention toolkit, and
  • strategic partnerships with key community/ health partners.
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