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Current Students

CDU Student Council

Charles Darwin University Students' Council (CDUSC) is the voice of all students.

CDUSC strives to promote and advance the rights, interests and welfare of CDU students.  CDUSC represents all CDU students and provides the means for communication between students and the University. 

CDUSC Officers who are elected for this term will be your voice on issues that are important to you.

Meet the 2022 CDUSC

Lucy Dickson – President, Bachelor of Nursing 

“Based in Arnhem Land, I am passionate about advocating for my peers, and ensuring all student voices are heard. My vision is to represent the diversity of CDU’s students and strengthen the relationship between the student body and the University”


Emory Harris – Vice President, Bachelor of Nursing

"I am passionate about embracing diversity and providing equitable access and a voice for my peers. I hope to increase student involvement and improve communication in planning for the future of CDU."


Sifat Khan – Secretary, Master of Teaching

“Hello, I am Sifat Khan. I am currently studying a Master of Teaching (Secondary stream) at CDU. I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Accounting in Sydney, Australia.  Besides studying I am working as a volunteer in the - In Search Of Safety (ISOS) programs to support the immigrant people under Red Cross Australia. I am playing the role of a general officer at CDU Students Council & working with Kindness Shake as a volunteer specially to help the international students in Australia. I am also part of Bangladesh student association of Charles Darwin university as executive member. By birth, I am a proud Bangladeshi & came to Australia to seek higher education. Staying here & mixing up with the local community, I have developed a bond of attraction to the local indigenous people & desire to work for the betterment of the local community of Darwin. As I love working for people & supporting their needs, I am grateful to these organizations for the opportunities to help me work for my passion. If I get the opportunity, I would like to work for the Local community & international students in future.”


Shuhang (Anna) Yu – Treasurer, Master of Professional Accounting

''I have been dedicated to financing and accounting for more than three years. Now I am proud to be a part of the CDU team as a treasurer in charge of maintaining the student council budget working responsibly for our students' votes."


Shay Ariffin – Women’s Officer, Bachelor of Social Work

''I am a firm believer of equal opportunities and equal rights, and seek to give utmost support for all women, be it trans women or women of colour. I am always looking to advocate for women's rights, regardless of race, language or religion, as all women are equal.''


Md Fahad Hossian – Postgraduate Officer,Master of Professional Accounting

"My goal is to collaborate with academics and post-graduate students to improve the quality of life on campus and fight for genuine answers to real problems to effect positive change on our campuses and among our students."


Jemima Fernandes - Undergraduate Officer, Bachelor of Laws 

"For me, studying at CDU after high school was always the obvious choice. I have never looked back since! I know that having a strong group of leaders is important in ensuring that students receive the best, and I hope to build the university's culture and assist students in getting back to "normal" as soon as possible."


Hua Tong – International Officer, Master of Teaching

“In 2021, I organized many events for students and the public, like professional performances, workshops, etc. which established connections between CDU and communities.  In 2022, I will take up the position of International Officer, dedicated to making international students better enjoy their time in CDU.”


Sekari Butler – First Nations Officer, Bachelor of Laws

“As a First Nations student studying a Bachelor of Laws, I am proud to be representing First Nations students within CDU.”


Sushan Khatiwade – Online Student Officer, Master of Business Administration

 "Almost 70% of students in CDU are online. My goals are to ensure that their voices are represented, they feel equally included and their journey in CDU is as exciting as on-campus students'."


Marufa Binte Muzaba – Sustainability Officer,Master of Professional Accounting

"My Goal is to work towards sustainable world and make it a better inhabitable place for the future generation."


Yasmin Jarman – General Committee Member, Bachelor of Laws

"Based on Larrakia country in Darwin, I am a proud woman of Larrakia, Wadjigan, Yawuru and Erub Island descent. I want everyone to feel connected and enriched at CDU, no matter where you are in the world or where you have travelled from to get here."


Want more details about the roles and responsibilities of your Students’ Council? check out the full position descriptions below.


Get involved

Elections are held annually in October. In early October, a call for nominations will open to students. You'll see posts on our social media.

The representative positions that makeup CDUSC are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Women's Officer
  • Postgraduate Officer
  • Undergraduate Officer
  • International Officer
  • First Nations Officer
  • Online Students Officer
  • Sustainability Officer
  • LBGTQIA+ Officer
  • VET Officer
  • Inclusion Officer

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