"Morning, Noon and Night" by Jessie Victoria Bonson

Morning, Noon and Night

Morning, Noon and Night (web banner image above) courtesy of the artist, Jessie Victoria Bonson.

Jessie Victoria Bonson
b.1992, Darwin Northern Territory
Jawoyn/Kala Lagaw Ya

Morning, Noon and Night, 2012
Digital photograph on cotton rag paper [triptych]
AP edn of 3
Each Panel 100 x 90 cm
Gifted by the artist through the CDU Foundation to the University, 2012 – ACIKE Works on Paper Portfolio [CDU Art Collection – CDU2429]

Artist’s Statement

Morning, Noon and Night represents a story my Nanna Bonson told me a long time ago. I was very young and upset. I didn’t understand why I was so different from my cousins.

We were like brothers and sisters; we grew up together, played the same games and ate the same food. Yet I could not understand why we looked so different and why I wasn’t the same colour. Why wasn’t I as dark as my cousin Thomas and as light as my cousin Alexander?

So I asked my Nanna and I’ll never forget what she told me.

She held me in her arms and explained so beautifully: “Thomas was born during the night so his skin was dark; Alexander was born at noon when the sun was bright so his skin is lighter; and you my granddaughter, you were born at dawn between the dark and the light so you are in between and are neither dark nor light.” 

Jessie Victoria Bonson, 2012