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Study Skills

Numeracy and Foundation Maths

Resources for improving and practising your maths skills

In your studies at CDU, you may be asked to demonstrate foundation mathematical skills. For instance, a TAFE student may need to calculate volume while a Bachelor of Education student may need to teach their learners to calculate volume. The skills that you need for everyday life or study are also called numeracy skills. These skills may include tasks like: 

  • measuring a room in a house 

  • converting from millilitres to litres 

  • using a calculator for trigonometry 

  • adding GST (%) when writing a quote 

  • scientific notation 

  • using ratios for mixing chemicals/medicines 

Before you continue, think about what numeracy skills you use in your daily life. The task below has been designed to help you reflect on where your skills are currently at and identify areas you can improve on. Click on the hotspots in the images.

H5p file

These resources are designed to refresh, improve or build upon those skills to help you with your studies at CDU.  Follow the links below for information, tips, videos and practice activites. 

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