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Parking facilities

Free parking, parking permits, and pay and display parking are available at Charles Darwin University's Casuarina and Waterfront campuses. Parking at other campuses and centres is free.

Staff and students using car parks must comply with any signage or pavement markings beside or on a marked bay. The signage indicates that a particular bay or series of bays is subject to special restrictions, such as disabled, loading zone university-owned fleet vehicles only.

Fines are subject to enforcement in the same way as if the offence occurred on a public street.

Note: All entrances to the university are signposted to advise Special Parking Regulations Apply. Car park areas are also signposted, clearly indicating the type of parking permitted in that area.

The Charles Darwin University (Site and Traffic) By-laws are enforced 24 hours a day as indicated via yellow lines or parking bays with parking signage.

Additional information

Request a review of fixed penalty notice

Once a Parking Infringement Notice is issued, there are two options:

For further information contact the Security Office on 8946 6672.

Free parking

Free parking is provided at select areas on the Casuarina campus. Please refer to the Casuarina campus map (PDF 820KB) for exact locations. All motorbike parking (in the special bays only) is free.

Permit parking

Parking permits are available for a semester or full year. They can be purchased through webpay, or from the Cashiers in the Information Centre (Orange 1, Casuarina campus).

Parking permits cost $55.00 per semester or $100.00 per calendar year. Numbers are limited therefore it is advisable to purchase early.

Permits DO NOT guarantee a parking bay at the location you desire.

Please ensure the permit is not obscured?

Permits are required to be displayed between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Pay and display parking

Pay and Display Voucher parking is available at certain Casuarina campus car parks. Please refer to the  Casuarina campus map (PDF 820KB)for exact locations. You can purchase vouchers from machines located in the car parks. The cost of voucher parking is:

  • 50c per hour
  • $1.00 for three hours
  • $1.50 per day

Pay and Display Vouchers are required between the hours of 7:00 am and 7:30 pm Monday to Friday and must be displayed clearly on the vehicle's dashboard. Failure to do so will incur a fine.

Unauthorised parking in Authorised Only bays, Disabled Parking bays, designated specific purpose bays, and areas not intended for parking vehicles will incur a penalty under the Charles Darwin University (Site and Traffic) By-laws.

Bicycle parking

Bike racks are situated around the university campus. With the necessity to comply with Occupational Health and Safety regulations and the Charles Darwin University (Site and Traffic) By-laws, any bicycle found in an area other than a designated bike rack could result in the bike being 'clamped' by Security. The owner would then need to contact Security to negotiate the release of the bike.

Parking offences

It is an offence under section 9(1) of the Northern Territory (Site and Traffic) By-laws to:

(a) Contravene or fail to comply with a prohibition or requirement indicated by a control device. Fine $35 (A control device means a sign, signal, mark, notice, structure or device erected, installed, placed or displayed on site)

(b.i) Park a vehicle in any area where parking bays are marked or indicated otherwise than wholly within a bay. Fine $35

(b.ii) Park in a Permit Bay, Voucher Bay, Disability Bay, Authorised Bay etc., without a permit, voucher or authorisation. Fine $35

(c) Park the vehicle as to obstruct other vehicles. Fine $35

(e) Drive or take the vehicle onto any recreation area, nature strip, garden lawn, footpath or another part of the site that is not constructed for use by vehicles. Fine $50

(f) Drive the vehicle at speed exceeding 40km/h. Fine $55

(g) Park a motorcycle in a four-wheel bay (i.e.: car bay.) Fine $35

Paying fines

You may pay parking fines through the online fine payment form.

You may also pay in person at the following location:

The Cashier's Office
Orange 1
Casuarina campus

Or by posting to:

The Cashier
Charles Darwin University

Parking enquiries

All enquiries should be directed to:

Manager Security
Property and Facilities
Phone: 08 8946 7777