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Welcome to CDU! Here you'll find everything you need to get started, from enrolling in units to getting settled into university life.

Getting started

  • Whether you're studying online or on campus, activating your computer account is an important step in getting set up.

    Your computer account will help you a lot throughout your studies. Once it's activated, you'll have your University and email access to all the essential systems and applications we use here at CDU.

    Activate my computer account

    Visit ITMS to read important information about your computer account.

    Where to get help

    If you need help with your computer account, you can:

    Contact Student Central

    Visit the ITMS website

    Contact the ITMS Service Desk by calling (08) 8946 6600

    Visit the IT Kiosk, Casuarina campus, Building Red 8

  • These are two important numbers you'll need to know about at University.

    Your student number is specific to CDU. We use this to identify you throughout your studies. All student numbers start with an 'S' followed by 6 digits. For example, S123456.

    Your USI is a little different. This is a nationally recognised number used to create an online record of your qualifications and training. So if you've done previous study, you might already have a USI.

    USI numbers are now an Australian Government requirement for all Higher Education and VET students. All students require a USI to be able to graduate and receive their award.

    Higher Education students will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to be eligible for Commonwealth supported places (CSPs) and Commonwealth financial assistance (HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or OS-HELP). You need to provide CDU with your USI before the census date to remain enrolled.

    Find your student number

    If you're a Higher Education student, you'll find your student number at the top of your offer letter.

    If you're a VET student, you'll receive an email with your student number after applying for your course.

    Create your Unique Student Identifier

    Applying for a USI is free, and you will have the same USI for life. You can apply for a USI in as little as five minutes by visiting You can also 

  • Your student card is your everything card. It will be your key to accessing CDU facilities including, the library and computer labs, printing and scanning, and will allow you to sit exams. You'll also be able to use your ID to get discounts with businesses that offer a student discount.

    Your student card is free for your whole course, but you'll need to get a new one every year before it expires. Don't forget to apply yearly as we won't automatically send you a new one. We suggest putting a reminder in your calendar, so you don't forget!

    How to get your student card


    To get your student card online, complete and submit the Student Card eForm (login to the CDU Portal, select eForms and select Student Card eForm).

    Make sure to check that you've attached all the required documentation.


    To get your student card in person, visit Student Central at any CDU campus. You'll need to present a valid photographic ID (Australian Driver's Licence or passport) with your request.

    CDU campuses in Alice Springs, Casuarina, Palmerston and Darwin Waterfront offer a ‘while you wait‘ service.

    Our other centres have a turnaround of three working days before your student card will be ready for collection.


Virtual orientation helps you get ahead before you even begin.

Hear from current students, learn about your course and all the ways that CDU can support you.

Orientation 2021

Login to the CDU portal

The CDU Portal will become your best friend at University. It's an online portal that gives you access to all the applications you'll need during your studies, all in one place.

Below are a few of the applications you can access through the portal.

Illustration of student sitting at desk smiling and waving at others in a video call

Advanced standing

Advanced standing is a way for you to earn credit points towards your CDU course from previous achievements.
If you're an international student, you might have already provided the information for advanced standing when you first applied for your course.

Learn more

Guide to enrolling in units

Enrolling is the fun part. This is when you get to see what the start of your CDU journey will look like by choosing the units you want to study.

What is a unit? This is just a fancy way of saying subject.

  • Enrolment can sometimes get confused with admission. Here's the difference:

    1. Admission just means you are in our system as studying a particular course. Depending on your type of course and how you applied, admission steps might differ. Check out the last step of your application process for more information.
    2. Enrolling, on the other hand, means selecting the units you wish to study or need to study, to complete your course.
  • You can study up to 4 units a semester, so that's 8 units each year.

    International students need to maintain a 4 unit study load (unless there are exceptional circumstances, in which case you can apply to reduce your study load).

    For domestic students 3-4 units are considered a full-time study load. 1-2 units is part-time.

  • Your number of units varies depending on the course and how it is being delivered.

    Your lecturer will discuss this with you when they get in touch after you make your application.

    In each unit, you might have lectures, tutorials, practicals or training sessions. This depends on what is the best way to teach your unit.

What are census dates?

The census dates is the last date that you can withdraw from a unit without receiving a financial penalty. The census dates for Higher Education and VET differ.

Check out important dates to find out more.

Ready to enrol?

Enrol in Higher Education and VET units.

Enrolling in units

Get setup to study

Get involved

Stay up to date with all things student life at CDU by following our Facebook page. Here you'll find updates about events and what's happening around the University.

New international students

New international students

Getting around



There are regular bus routes that cover Darwin and Palmerston and Alice Springs.

Student concession for bus travel applies seven days a week for CDU students. You must present your Student ID card to the bus driver to get a concession.

The major bus interchanges are located at Casuarina Shopping Centre, Palmerston interchange and Darwin interchange.

You can plan your journey with the bus tracker app.



There are a few different options for parking at CDU.

Free parking, parking permits and pay and display parking are available at Casuarina and Palmerston campuses. Parking at Alice Springs campus is free.

Other CDU campuses and centres don’t include CDU parking facilities.

For more information about parking visit the Office of Facilities Management.


CDU apps

CDU Mobile app

The CDU Mobile app helps you stay connected to the University, wherever you are. Here are just a few of the things you can do on the CDU app:

  • get in contact using the staff directory
  • find your way around with campus maps
  • check out the latest news and events
  • connect via social media
  • find places to eat
  • access support services
  • learn about student accommodation options
  • explore photo and video content.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android


SafeZone is a free app to help you stay safe at CDU. It connects directly to our security and safety staff, allowing you to quickly and easily get help if you need it.

Get setup with SafeZone


'Ask CDU' is a knowledge base of frequently asked questions that provides answers to common problems any time of the day or night.

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