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Policies and procedures guide the decisions of the University. Some decisions will interact with your academic journey from time to time, and we believe that it's essential for you to quickly locate those policies and procedures.

The CDU Governance Document Library contains all the University’s policies and procedures.  The links to all student-related policies and procedures are listed below to make it easier for you to find the document you're looking for.

If you have any questions about the procedures or how they apply to your circumstances, please contact Student Central unless otherwise directed by the relevant document.

Academic freedom

The principles governing the exercise of academic freedom at the university.

Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Policy

Academic integrity

The University’s expectations of academic honesty and independent learning, and the process for managing alleged breaches.

Student Academic Integrity Policy

Academic progression

The principles and framework for supporting students to maintain satisfactory academic progress, and the associated intervention strategies to assist academic performance.

Higher Education Students Academic Progression Policy 
International Students – Monitoring Course Progress Procedure 


The principles, requirements, and processes relating to the admission of students into a course offered by the University.
Admissions Policy 
International Students - Welfare of International Students U18 Procedure

Assessment and credit

The principles and framework for assessment, including examinations, and the processes relating to academic credit and recognition of prior learning.

Higher Education Assessment (Coursework) Policy and Procedure
VET Assessment System Policy 
VET Work Placement Procedure
Grading Policy 
Academic Credit Policy 
VET Recognition Procedure 
Higher Education Examination Policy 


The principles and framework for students lodging a complaint where they are not satisfied with the quality or delivery of a university service, or experienced unfair treatment.

Complaints Policy - Students

Culture and conduct
Critical incident

The principles and framework for managing and responding to a critical incident at the University.
Critical Incident Policy
International Students – Critical Incident Procedures
Emergency Management Procedure 


The principles and framework to enable students with disability and Carers of a person with disability to participate in all aspects of university life.

Students with Disability Policy


The principles, requirements, and processes relating to enrolment in subject and courses offered by the University.
Enrolment Policy
Course Transfer Procedures – Bachelor of Clinical Sciences 
International Students – Transfer Between Registered Providers Procedure


The principles, requirements, and processes relating to student fees, including charges and refunds.

Domestic Student Fee Policy
International Students - Refund of Fees Procedure 
Outstanding Student Debtors Policy and Procedure

Graduation and certification

The principles, requirements, and processes relating to conferral, graduation, awards, and the issuance of certification documentation.
Conferral and Certification Policy
University and Chancellor's Medals - HE Student Award Procedure
University and Chancellor's Medals - VET Student Award Procedure

IT use

The principles and expectations for acceptable use of the University’s technology and systems.

Information and Communication Technologies - Acceptable Use Policy


The principles and expectations for the protection of personal privacy and information.

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Scholarships and prizes

The principles for establishing and administering scholarships and prizes to domestic and international applicants.

Scholarships and Prizes Policy

Policy Feedback: A Student's Guide

At CDU, we value your insights on our policies or procedures and welcome feedback. Feedback may include suggestions for clarifying clauses or letting the writers know there is missing punctuation.

Our Policy Officers will carefully review your input during policy revisions.

For general enquiries or assistance in interpreting a document, email the Enquiries Contact listed on the Status and Details page of each policy.

The following presentation shows how you can provide feedback on an existing policy.

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