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CDU Menzies Medical Program

Strategic Board

BHF building

The purpose of the CDU Menzies Medical Program is to improve health outcomes for the people of the Northern Territory (NT) by selectively enrolling and successfully graduating local First Nations and NT residents as medical doctors in the NT to provide a sustainable local medical workforce pipeline.

The Strategic Board advises the CDU Menzies Medical Program on strategies to meet the purpose of the program including:

  • providing strategic advice to the School of Medicine on the design of a medical program that is fit-for-purpose for the Northern Territory and northern Australia more broadly. This will include advice on contextualisation of the WSU curriculum for the NT and any innovative additional elements specific to the NT that would value add to the program;
  • being a strong advocate, on behalf of the School, with key stakeholders and decision makers in the NT and nationally, to have increased medical CSPs and funding allocated to the medical program;
  • assisting with the marketing and recruitment of students across the NT for the medical program helping to build aspiration amongst our secondary school students and community for the medical program;
  • assisting with the development of strategic collaborative arrangements to support the education and training of the medical program’s students in the health sector organisations;
  • providing a conduit into the health sector to inform the development more broadly as each year of the program is introduced;
  • contribute to the evaluation of student and program outcomes as each year of the program is introduced.
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