Learnline is CDU's online learning environment, encompassing the learning management system Blackboard Learn, Blackboard Collaborate, streaming media services and other learning technologies.

At CDU most HE Units and many VET units are delivered online so you can:   

  • Access unit content easily
  • Engage with your lecturer and fellow students through collaborative tools
  • Submit assessments and access grades and feedback
  • Stay connected on the go with mobile apps

New Look Learnline

CDU is upgrading Learnline (our learning management system) from Blackboard Learn 9.1 to Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience. This is a big and exciting change for CDU and will modernise and improve the user experience.

CDU has been working towards the transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra since mid 2018, but noticeable changes for end users start in the second half of 2019 when we implement Ultra  Base Navigation, which is Stage Three of our timeline.

CDU's Transition to Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience

Ultra Base Navigation

Ultra Base Navigation will modernise the Learnline login page and unit menu, bringing a fresh new look while retaining units in their current format. Ultra Base Navigation mirrors the navigation of the Blackboard app.

The new menu makes the most important information more easily accessible. It peeks from behind open layers, so students and staff can access the menu wherever they are, even within a unit.

The new menu gives a global view across units. For example, Grades shows all assignments organised by unit. There is no need to navigate to each unit to see what's ready for grading for an academic or what’s been graded for a student.

The tabs and modules currently available such as My Learnline, For Students, For Staff will no longer be available. However, there is no loss of tools or functionality. The information found in these areas will still be accessible either within the new menu structure or from the purple Support button.

Ultra Base Navigation will be implemented in Learnline for Semester Two 2019.

Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience

Once Ultra Base Navigation is in place CDU will transition to the Blackboard Learn Ultra Experience, bringing the new, modern interface to Learnline units.

Check back here for regular updates as we work on these exciting changes to Learnline.

*Images depict concepts that are work in progress

Learnline upgrades

The learning management system (LMS) is updated monthly, bringing improvements and new features regularly. Upgrades to the LMS are completed with no downtime. Other Learning systems are upgraded periodically and may require brief outages of some components from time to time. Downtime and outages are communicated through Learnline so keep an eye out for these messages. For help and support on new (and older) features and tools in Learnline check out the help button in Learnline - it's purple so you can't miss it.


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