Regional, Economic & Workforce Development (REWD)


The REWD team work with stakeholders to explore the challenges and opportunities for planning and implementing an integrated, sustainable region and understanding economic development in diverse contexts and conditions.



REWD’s expertise and capabilities include workforce planning and development, local and regional economic modelling, economic evaluation and advice on Northern development projects. Industry based research supports enterprises and agencies to improve productivity in complex operational scenarios.

The REWD team examines working environments in different geographic spaces, as well as changing policy environments, with a focus on northern and central Australia and South East Asian contexts. Group members have demonstrated research capabilities linked to workforce and industry development across the following industrial sectors: agriculture extension, food industries, tourism, international education and migration, health workforce planning, arts markets, government services delivery, and South-East Asian economic cooperation.

Researchers examine the ways systems intersect in areas such as;

  • The pathways between learning and workforce systems.
  • The connections between micro enterprises and multinational business, regional development policy and equitable economic futures.
  • Issues of migration and engagement of socially and economically marginalised people and the delivery of high quality training provision in regional ad remote areas.


Research teams have assisted regional stakeholders to understand the key issues and provided analyses that inform decision making in regional planning for unlocking regional labour markets, trilateral development of economies in northern Australia and South East Asia, Aboriginal engagement in scalable development, adaptation to a range of environmental factors, managing land and sea resources to promote social co-benefits for investors, policy people and traditional owners.