Regional, Economic & Workforce Development (REWD)

Who we are & what we do

We are a diverse group working around solving problems linked to economic and workforce policy and program implementation in regional and remote northern Australia generally.

What we do – recent projects include:

    • Improving the contribution of major projects to local employment in remote regions (funded by the Regional Australia Institute)
    • Reframing Smart Supply Chains in Northern Australia (jointly with James Cook University; funded by the CRC Northern Australia)
    • Evaluation of the General Skilled Migration Program in the Northern Territory (funded by the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, NTG)
    • Projects around Smart waste reduction and recycling, in the Barkly and Central Australia regions (funded by Smart Cities, Regional councils, NT EPA environment grants)

Projects about integration of threatened species management into rural and regional economies (funded through NESP).


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  • Workforce planning and development;
  • Local and regional economic modelling (quant/qualitative);
  • Industry stakeholders and entrepreneurship support
  • Economic evaluation / advice on Northern development projects.
  • Industry supply chains analysis
  • Environmental services appraisal, design and valuations

We undertake multiple sectoral studies as we hold capabilities in a wide array of domains.



Our work has ongoing impacts on various industries and economic domains, as we work with a wide array of sectors and organisations (public, private, NGOs). Recent work has been related to:  Workforce development, agriculture extension, resources sector, food industries, tourism, international education and migration, environmental services and carbon economy, health workforce planning, impact of migration policies, arts markets and economies, government services delivery in Aboriginal communities, waste management, and South-East Asian economic cooperation, northern Australian supply chains, resource sector contribution to remote employment, etc.