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The following people can assist the academic staff at RIEL in various capacities. Please get in touch with the relevant staff member if you think they could help you.

Jamie Payne head and shoulders with railing and ocean in background

Jamie Payne
Senior Research Operations Officer
Assist staff with account management, acquittals, contracts, loan management, Oracle support, RIS support, purchase orders and invoice payments and administration support for the Director of RIEL.
0410 834 212
Casuarina campus, Yellow 2 Level 2 Room 02


Hannah Maddison Harris, head, with green leafy background

Hannah Maddison-Harris
Communication and Partnerships Officer
Responsible for the communication of research happenings at RIEL, organisation of RIEL events, as well as collegiality and RIEL seminars.


Matthew Northwood head, with green leafy background

Matthew Northwood
Research Officer
Design and production of equipment for RIEL related fieldwork and research.
08 8946 7630
Casuarina campus, Yellow 2 Level 2 Room 50


Will Kemp head and shoulders, wearing hat with green leaves in background

Will Kemp
Web Administator
Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the RIEL website.



Ryan Taylor
Assets Officer
Responsible for assistance with and the maintenance of RIEL assets.
Casuarina campus, Yellow 2 Level 2 Room 2