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RIEL’s Research Groups provide a mechanism for pursuing research excellence, building partnerships and supporting postgraduate students. They foster purposeful, collaborative and dynamic research environments.

Groups are led by RIEL’s senior academics and typically include post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and often Masters or Honours students.

Groups work on a wide range of topics and projects of regional, national and international significance, usually via interdisciplinary and multi-sector collaborations.

  • Frog image by Keith Christian

    Animal physiological ecology

    In order to develop adequate conservation responses to climate change challenges, it is crucial that we understand the interface between animals and their environment.

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  • Native rice (RIEL image only)

    Applied plant ecology

    The Applied Plant Ecology Group applies understanding of plant ecology to develop solutions to conserve and utilise native plants, and to manage introduced species.

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  • goanna inspecting hole in red dirt

    Arid-zone wildlife ecology and conservation

    Our research is centred on the ecology, sustainable management and conservation of wildlife in arid Australia.

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  • fish in net on beach with fishers

    Communities, livelihoods and natural resources

    Our research aims to enhance the livelihoods and wellbeing of Indigenous and local communities

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  • Oyster image by Anna Padovan

    Environmental microbiology

    We study water, sediment and biota microbial quality in marine, coastal and freshwater systems.

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  • Fish in water with a few leaves and stones on the stream bed

    Freshwater, estuarine and marine ecology

    We study aquatic biodiversity and environmental management of freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems.

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  • Mammal image by Sam Banks (RIEL image only)

    Molecular ecology

    We study biodiversity in northern Australia and the broader region, applying research approaches in genomics and landscape ecology.

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  • Crocodile in water

    Movement and landscape ecology

    Tools and techniques for tracking the movement, migration and dispersal of animals in their natural habitat.

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  • Fire landscape image by Brett Murphy

    Tropical savanna ecology

    Our research investigates the sustainable management of tropical savanna landscapes.

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  • fire in grass

    Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research

    The Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research delivers applied fire management research and training opportunities to land managers in northern Australia, South East Asia, Africa and South America.

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