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Dr Manoj Bhatta head and shoulders with green leafy background

Dr Manoj Bhatta

Dr. Manoj Bhatta’s research was the first attempt to collate perception-based information from local communities, both inside and outside a protected area, on the use and governance of ecosystem goods and services derived from Mountain habitats of red panda in western Nepal.

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Dr Gianna Bonis-Profumo head and shoulders with green leafy background

Dr Gianna Bonis-Profumo

In Timor-Leste, child and maternal adequate dietary intake is a serious challenge compounded by seasonal food insecurity. Women’s empowerment is an underlying determinant of nutrition

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Dr Benjamin Brown head and shoulders with leaves in background

Dr Benjamin Michael Brown

Dr Benjamin Michael Brown's research project mapped and analysed mangrove forest landscape restoration opportunity in two critically degraded Indonesian landscapes using a modified version of the Restoration Opportunity Assessment Method.

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Tom Duncan with hill and clouds in background

Dr Tom Duncan

Dr Tom Duncan's research has centred on the Tiwi Islands, working with Traditional Owners to investigate the ecology of the Tiwi Island masked owl and to develop management strategies which protect both ecological and cultural values of biodiversity.

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Dr Emily Gibson head and shoulders with green leafy background

Dr Emily Gibson

Dr Emily Gibson's research applied an interdisciplinary mixed methods approach to explore the contribution of small-scale fisheries to food and nutrition security in specialised fishing communities in Komodo District, eastern Indonesia.

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Pia Harkness head and shoulders with plants in the background

Dr Pia Harkness

Dr Pia Harkness's research project examined the implications of marine conservation and rural development policies and practices in Savu Raijua District eastern Indonesia.

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Dr Amanda Lilleyman head and shoulders with white background

Dr Amanda Lilleyman

The aim of Dr Amanda Lilleyman's research was to improve knowledge of the habitat requirements of the shorebirds at a site in northern Australia, Darwin Harbour, which is a terminus for some migrants and a staging post for others

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Jennifer Macdonald head and shoulders, wearing hat, with stone wall in background

Dr Jennifer Macdonald

Dr Jennifer Macdonald's thesis advances the discussion of the experience of monitoring and evaluation of Indigenous land and sea management programs and collaborations from Indigenous perspectives.

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Simon Mahood with binoculars around his neck and palms in the background

Dr Simon Mahood

Dr Simon Mahood's research project investigated how the conservation of highly threatened species can be achieved against a backdrop of rapid economic growth and environmental change.

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Dr Kamal Melvani head and shoulders

Dr Kamal Melvani

Dr Kamal Melvani has engaged in 5 long-term research studies including a multidisciplinary Ph.D. on the social, ecological, financial and nutrition values of forest gardens and an interdisciplinary M.Sc. on the bioremediation of nitrates in groundwater.

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Jane Munday head and shoulders with green leafy background

Dr Jane Munday

Dr Jane Munday's  research asks ‘What model of social and cultural impact assessment will deliver socially, culturally, ecologically and economically sustainable development of North Australia, including the ability of Aboriginal people to determine the type, pace and scale of development on their land and seas?’.

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Dr Stefanie Oberprieler with a microscope

Dr Stefanie Oberprieler

Dr Stefanie Oberprieler has worked in both research and applied sciences on invertebrates across various fields, including taxonomy, paleoentomology, conservation, ecosystem restoration and biosecurity.

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Man standing in forest writing in notebook

Dr Harinandanan Paramjyothi

Dr Harinandanan Paramjyothi investigated the role of competition in shaping northern Australian savannas and the long-term responses of tree populations to fire management.

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Dr Cara Penton head and shoulders with part of vehicle in background

Dr Cara Penton

Dr Cara Penton’s research aimed to determine whether tree hollows could be a limiting resource for arboreal mammals in the tropical savannas of Melville Island.

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Dr Salman Quddus with green leafy background

Dr Salman Quddus

Dr Salman Quddus's research project investigated the role of native vegetation and management practices for ecological weed control and rehabilitation of disturbed lands in Australia.

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Dr Rebecca Rogers head and shoulders with green leafy vegetation in background

Dr Rebecca Rogers

Dr. Rebecca Rogers' research aimed to improve the uptake of weather radar data for ecological research in Australia, with a particular focus on aggregating waterbird populations.

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Dr Alea Rose in a laboratory, holding a test tube and a blue rack of test tubes

Dr Alea Rose

Dr. Alea Rose studied the microbial ecology of bacteria in the Leanyer Sanderson Wastewater Stabilisation ponds using molecular techniques. In addition to identifying the unknown resident bacteria, Dr Rose’s research also revealed the functional diversity of nitrogen cycling bacteria that contribute to nutrient removal in these ponds.

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Sigit Sasmito, head and shoulders, wearing cap and sunglasses, with mangroves in background

Dr Sigit Sasmito

Dr Sigit Sasmito is a Wetlands Ecologist who has particular research interests to study the impacts of contemporary global change on tropical wetland ecosystems including peatlands and mangrove.

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Alyson Stobo-Wilson with binoculars in bush

Dr Alyson Stobo-Wilson

Dr Alyson Stobo-Wilson's research sought to identify the factors that influence the distribution, abundance, and ecology of the savanna glider (Petaurus ariel) in the tropical savannas of northern Australia.

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Veronica Toral-Granda head and shoulders, leaning against tree trunk

Dr Veronica Toral-Granda

Dr Veronica Toral-Granda's research aimed to understand the role of human-mediated transport on the arrival and spread of introduced species to and within the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.

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