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Charles Darwin University research associate Dr Amanda Lilleyman with a Far Eastern Curlew, the focus of her research in the Top End

A farewell to migrating shorebirds and their champion

It’s the time of year when thousands of migratory shorebirds take off from Top End coasts and fly north – some as far as the Arctic Circle.

They will return around October, but one of their strongest advocates, Dr Amanda Lilleyman, is also leaving Darwin.

Carpet python

Data shows Darwin a tropical paradise for snakes

Data analysed by a Charles Darwin University researcher has confirmed Darwin is a tropical paradise for snakes, harbouring more different species than any other capital city in the country. 

a shrimp called Parisia unguis

Scientists’ outback fishing trip discovers exotic catch

Research scientists from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO and Charles Darwin University used fishing rods and handlines to plumb the depths of underground aquifers in the Northern Territory revealing a diverse variety of tiny aquatic animals known as stygofauna, mostly between 0.3 and 10 millimetres in length.

Dr Veronica Toral-Granda 2

Galapagos expert to highlight links on Darwin Day

An expert insight into life on the Galapagos Islands will be the highlight of Charles Darwin University’s annual Darwin Day celebrations tomorrow.

Drones to deliver health services

Drones to deliver health services

In a first for the Territory, drones will be used to deliver health care into remote communities across the NT.

Giant Manta Ray

Sharks and rays facing unprecedented extinction risk

A Charles Darwin University sharks and ray expert has joined a team from across the globe to inform a ground-breaking new study finding oceanic sharks and rays face unprecedented extinction risk from overfishing.

Professor Karen Gibb and Professor Keith Christian

Frog skin under microscope to help understand animal health

Charles Darwin University researchers will delve into the skin microbiome of frogs and geckos to better understand how animals and their microbes maintain health and possibly resist disease.


a group of people on a beach with the ocean in the distance

Looking for Gudidi in Milingimbi

Looking out the window of the plane I was amazed to see the extent of what looked like saltpan habitat as our plane descended into the small remote community of Millingimbi or Yurruwi in northeast Arnhem Land of the Northern Territory.

Dr Alan Anderson

CDU academics named among world’s most influential

Charles Darwin University academics have been named as some of the most influential scientists in the world as part of newly-released database compiled by Stanford University.