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"I wish I'd known that"

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Welcome to the "I wish I'd known that" podcast series where we chat with CDU students about their experiences at our University and share stories about life, study, and achieving academic success. 

"I wish I'd known that"

Psychology student Rachel gives her top tips to new students.
Education student Daniel talks about his experiences of returning to study.
Medical student Senuri gives her advice to new students.
Local lad Luke talks with Andrew about the pitfalls of group work.
Andrew chats with nursing student Kirsten.
Nursing student Emory gives her best advice to new students.
Marketing student Zoe chats with Andrew about what she wishes she'd known.
Accounting graduate Ben chats about how to make the most of the overseas student experience.
Nepalese Accounting student Gyanu relates his experiences as an overseas student.
Law student Mia chats about her passion for the law.
Sam gives her top tips to new students.
Patrick Bindon talks about his experience of studying law at CDU.
Overseas student Jenny chats with Andrew about her experience of the LANTITE exam.

Did you know CDU Language and Learning Advisors offer a range of study support options?


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