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College Executive

College Dean: Professor David Low | Research profile

College Manager:  Elizabeth Bird

Associate Dean - Research: Professor Steven Greenland | Research profile

Associate Dean - Learning Futures: Dr Darius Pfitzner | Research profile

Associate Dean - VET: Dr Teresa Schwellnus

Discipline Chair, Accounting and Finance: Professor Indra Abeysekera | Research profile

Discipline Chair, Commerce and Information Technology: Colin Warnock

Discipline Chair, Culinary Arts and Hospitality: Robert Schwerdt

Discipline Chair / Dean of Law: Dr Alan Berman | Research profile

Discipline Chair, Sustainable Business: Professor Steven Greenland | Research profile

Discipline Chair, Tourism, Recreation and Beauty Services: Tim Francis




Sustainable Business

Undergraduate Course Coordinator:Dr Maneka JayasingheResearch profile

Postgraduate Course Coordinator:  Dr Debajyoti Chakrabarty | Research profile


Accounting & Finance

Undergraduate Course Coordinator: Raul David

Postgraduate Course Coordinator: Professor Indra Abeysekera | Research profile



Course Coordinator:Dr Alan Berman | Research profile