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CDU event

Chinese Foundation 1

Presenter Lei Shangguan
Contact person
Ali Mubarik
T: 08 8946 7677 E:
Location Darwin Language Centre, 1 Nemarluk Drive, Ludmilla NT 0820
Open to CDU staff and students, Public

Course outline

Chinese Foundation 1 is an introduction to the Mandarin language delivered by the Confucius Institute. This course will run for eight weeks every Monday night from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Welcome to The Chinese Foundation 1 class! This will be your first step toward success in studying Chinese.

There are only eight lessons on Chinese pronunciation in this book. However, after learning these lessons, a solid foundation will be established in pronunciation and the basic knowledge of Chinese characters. In addition, you will also master some words and expressions for daily communication.

If you want to impress a future audience with your 'perfect' spoken Chinese, you should invest a lot of time and effort while studying this unit. Not only will you need to master the three basic elements of pronunciation (ie. initials, vowels, and most importantly, the tones), but you will also have to understand the sound change in certain circumstances.

Perhaps you may have heard people complaining that Chinese characters were difficult to learn. However, after studying this unit, you will find that it is indeed not the case. After finishing this book, you will easily master 50 basic Chinese characters, most of which are very commonly used to construct other characters. A solid foundation is thus laid for advanced study in the future.

In addition to Chinese pronunciation and basic characters, this book will also familiarise you with those dialogues commonly used in daily communication. Examples include greeting, expressing gratitude, introducing yourself and other people, etc. You will have a sense of accomplishment after finishing the eight lessons, as you will be able to speak some idiomatic sentences, which will enable you to make simple communication with native speakers.

This Chinese Foundation 1 class is the key to entering the world of the Chinese language. We hope you enjoy it and wish you success!

For CDU staff and students, the classes are free of cost. Please add the letters CI after your name when you enrol.

For a seniors discount of 10% use the coupon code SENIOR at check out - ID will be checked at the class register.

For a Defence discount of 10% use the coupon code DEFENCE at check out - verification will be required.

Have you missed out on enrolling in this course? Just send us an email and we might be able to help you.

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