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Guide to enrolling

When we talk about enrolling, it means selecting the units you will study in your course. Students typically enrol before the start of each semester, but you can enrol in units for up to a year ahead.



Enrolling in units

Higher Education

Before you get started, you'll need to activate your student account. Once your account is activated, you can manage your enrolment and contact details on MyStudentInfo.

Follow these steps to enrol in units:

1. Log in to the CDU Portal and select MyStudentInfo

2. Select Enrolment

3. Select Review and Update My Enrolment

Make sure that the correct course is listed. If the course listed is incorrect, you will need to contact Student Central.

4. Read and agree to the Enrolment Declaration

5. Complete your USI verification

6. Review/update your personal details

You can add or amend your chosen name here. Your chosen name is that which you would prefer to be addressed. This will be used by CDU in unofficial correspondence and in your online profile in Learnline.

7. Review/update your address details

8. Confirm your course enrolment

This is where you will confirm the course you're enrolling in. You will only need to do this once - the very first time you enrol.

9. Complete personal statistics

There are a few questions you'll need to answer on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Education for statistical purposes. All questions are mandatory and all information is private and confidential.

10. Complete the Commonwealth assistance form (domestic students only)

You must submit this form to indicate whether you wish to make an upfront payment or if would like to use the HECS-HELP loan (subject to eligibility). If you want to opt-in for a HECS-HELP loan, you'll need to have your Tax File Number handy.

11. Complete the Student Amenities Fee Loan form (domestic students only)

All universities require students to pay a fee each year called the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). This fee is to cover things at your university such as food services, financial advice, sporting and recreational activities and career advice. You can apply for financial assistance to pay for your SSAF by completing the SSAF form. If you have done this, click save and continue.

12. Continue to the next Enrolment Step and select Add/Withdraw Units

13. Select View Study Plan to review your study plan

Use your study plan and the course catalogue to select your units for the upcoming semester or the whole year. Your study plan will show you the recommended order in which you should complete your units. The course catalogue can help you to choose electives.

14. Note down the unit codes for the units you want to enrol in

15. Select Add Units

16. Search for each unit using the unit codes you noted and add them to your cart

You'll see different options for study period, campus and attendance mode. Make sure you select the option that applies to you.

17. Save your changes

Once you're happy with your unit choices, return to your cart and select Save My Changes. To ensure you have successfully enrolled, check that the status of your units in the Add/Withdraw Units step is Enrolled

You will receive an enrolment receipt and an official Enrolment and Fees Advice Invoice will be emailed to you in the next two working days.

18. Complete the additional information

Allocating time to study

We recommend that you allocate at least 10-12 hours per week for each unit. This includes classes and general study time.

If you're not sure how many units to enrol in, it's often helpful to do an audit of your time. Remember to include things such as work commitments, travel time and extra activities like sport.

From here, you can figure out how many hours a week you can dedicate to your studies. This will help you plan how many units you can successfully take.

Check out your study plan by searching for your course in the course catalogue. This will also help you make your unit selection.


Your lecturer will contact you to let you know how to enrol. You might need to complete a

  • paper form, or
  • you might be asked to enrol online.

If you're asked to enrol online, you can follow the Higher Education steps above to enrol. The steps to enrol online are similar for TAFE and Higher Education, just be sure to follow your study plan as TAFE students typically have set units to complete each teaching period.

Making changes

Learn how to add, change and withdraw from units.

Higher Education

Cut off dates

You can:

  • add units or change attendance mode - up until the last day to enrol
  • withdraw from a unit with no academic or financial penalty - up until the census date
  • withdraw from a unit with no academic penalty - up until the end of week 8.

After these dates, changes can only be made after seeking approval from the lecturer. Contact Student Central for help.

Visit important dates for more information on cut off dates.

Add units

  1. Log in to the CDU Portal and select MyStudentInfo.
  2. Select Enrolment.
  3. Select My Enrolment.
  4. From Enrolment Steps in the right-side menu, select Add/Withdraw Units.
  5. Select Add Units.
  6. Search for the unit using the unit code and add them to your cart.
  7. Select Save My Changes.

Change units

  1. Log in to the CDU Portal and select MyStudentInfo.
  2. Select Enrolment.
  3. Select My Enrolment.
  4. From Enrolment Steps in the right-side menu, select Add/Withdraw Units.
  5. Select the Edit icon on the left-side of the unit you want to change.
  6. Select the attendance mode you want to change to.
  7. Select Update Enrolment.
  8. Select Save My Changes.

Withdraw from units

  1. Log in to the CDU Portal and select MyStudentInfo.
  2. Select Enrolment.
  3. Select My Enrolment.
  4. From Enrolment Steps in the right-side menu, select Add/Withdraw Units.
  5. Select the Withdraw icon on the left-side of the unit you want to withdraw from.
  6. Complete the withdrawal reason and select OK.
  7. Select Save My Changes.

To avoid being charged, make sure you submit your change of enrolment at least 14 days from the start date of the units you are withdrawing from.

An Enrolment and Fees Advice Invoice confirming your amended enrolment will be sent to you once the change to your enrolment has been processed.

Change of enrolment form

If you want to make a change to your enrolment, you must complete the VET Change of Enrolment/Withdrawal from Course form (PDF, 298 KB).

If you are enrolled in a Diploma course, you can withdraw online through MyStudentInfo, on or before the TAFE census date.

Letter, fax or email

If it is not possible for you to complete the form, you can submit your change of enrolment via letter, fax or email to Student Central. If you choose to send a letter to the team, you must provide at least three forms of ID to verify your identity. This could include your:

  • student number
  • date of birth
  • postal address.

Also include your:

  • full name
  • student number
  • course code and course name
  • details about the enrolment change you want to make, including unit codes and names.

Course transfer

You can apply for a course transfer if you're currently enrolled at CDU and want to transfer to a different course or a new version of a course at the same degree level.

If you're currently receiving a scholarship, you'll need to ensure that you still meet the scholarship requirements if you transfer to another course. To find out more, please email

Higher Education

To be eligible for a course transfer, you must:

  • meet the admission requirements for the new course
  • be currently enrolled at CDU
  • have completed at least 10 credit points in your current course
  • apply before the commencement of the semester.

When your course transfer application is assessed, the course coordinator will determine which of the units you have completed can be transferred to the new course.

If any units you have completed are ineligible to be transferred, you will be contacted to confirm if you would like to proceed before the course transfer is processed.

How to apply

Log in to the CDU Portal, select eForms and complete the Course Transfer eForm.


If you would like to change to another course, contact Student Central to get further information.

If you have completed units that may be relevant to your new course, you may need to apply for credit for those units by completing the VET 110 - Application for Credit transfer (PDF, 316 KB).

How to apply

Apply for the course you want to do and then can discuss any eligible credit transfer with your lecturer.

Taking a break from study

Higher Education

If you need to take a break from your studies, you can apply for an intermission from your course for six or twelve months.

To be eligible to apply, you must have completed at least one unit of your course.

We encourage you to discuss your situation with CDU before you decide to take a break. Contact Student Central to get advice on the best person to talk to.

Apply for an intermission

Log in to the CDU Portal, select eForms and submit an Intermission eForm before the census date for the relevant semester.

If you do not re-enrol or do not apply for an intermission from your course by the relevant census date, the University considers you lapsed from your course. To continue your studies you will need to apply through SATAC again.


If you're a TAFE student and want to take a break from study, have a chat with your lecturer to learn about your options. Every TAFE course runs differently, so that's why your lecturer will have the most up to date info about units and study loads.

Course cancellation

If you want to withdraw from your course, we encourage you to discuss your situation with Student Central, your lecturer or course coordinator first. At CDU we strive to give students a supportive and flexible learning environment, so it’s often possible to find a solution other than withdrawing.

You can check out these ASK CDU articles for advice before you withdraw.

You can also explore CDU's support services.

Higher Education

Log in to the CDU Portal, select eForms and submit a Course Cancellation eForm before the relevant census date.


Complete the VET Change of Enrolment/Withdrawal from Course form (PDF, 298 KB) form and submit it to Student Central.

Cross-institutional students

What is cross-institutional study?

Cross-institutional means you are studying a Higher Education unit at a university that isn't your home university.

For example, you might choose to study a unit at CDU to earn credit for a qualification at another Australian institution, or vice versa. This is like a pre-approved credit arrangement.

Incoming cross-institutional students

If you're currently enrolled in a course at another Australian institution, you can choose to undertake approved units at CDU for credit at your home institution.

To do so, you must complete and submit:


Cross-institutional students are subject to the rules of CDU including those relating to fees and academic progress.

If you're not eligible for either HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP at your home institution, you will not be eligible at CDU.

You will also be required to pay a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) at CDU.

Outgoing cross-institutional students

If you're currently enrolled in a course at CDU, you can choose to undertake approved units at another Australian institution for credit towards your studies at CDU.

You must submit the Outgoing Cross-Institutional eForm by logging into the CDU Portal. Please ensure you outline the unit/s you intend to enrol in at your host institution.

Cross-institutional enrolments are subject to the host institution’s rules and regulations. You must check your host institutions information for important dates, fees and payment.

Key enrolment dates

Census date

Every university has its own census date. This is the last day that you can withdraw from units without receiving an academic and financial penalty.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that their enrolment and payment details are correct by the census day.

Final date to enrol

For every semester and study period there is a final date that you can enrol in units. Enrolments after this date can't be done online and can only be actioned with written permission from the unit lecturer.

View the census date and the final date to enrol


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