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Some units include an end-of-semester examination as a final assessment.

Examinations are conducted either on-campus or off-campus, and supervised under strict conditions to ensure the University's academic integrity is upheld

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Examination information

Students who reside within a designated radius of an approved CDU Examination Campus are required to attend that Examination Campus.  Examinations at these venues will be referred to as "on-campus examinations", regardless as to whether or not the student's study mode is internal or external.

Where a student resides outside of the designated radius from a CDU Examination Campus, these will be referred to as an "off-campus examinations".

The examination timetable is published to the University website no later than two weeks prior to the commencement of the examination period. Be aware that your exam/s can be scheduled on any day during the central examination period and you may be required to sit more than one examination in one day.

You will be emailed a personalised examination timetable to your CDU email account on publication of the final timetable that will reflect your local timezone.

Students MUST make themselves available at the time of the scheduled exam. A student will fail the examination if they cannot sit the examination on the day and at the time scheduled unless circumstances support an application for Special Examination. Misreading the timetable or early departure for vacation is not accepted as grounds for granting a special examination.

Examination timetables

The Semester 1 examination period will be held between 11-21 June 2019.
The Final Examination Timetable is now available.
Personalised timetables were sent to CDU student email accounts on 29 April 2019.

On-campus examination venues

CDU Casuarina
Ellengowan Drive
Casuarina, Northern Territory
Download CDU Casuarina Map

CDU Alice Springs
Grevillea Drive
Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Download CDU Alice Springs Map

CDU Sydney
815 George Street
Haymarket, Sydney, New South Wales

CDU Melbourne
Venue to be advised

Off-campus examination centres

Students who reside within a defined radius of an approved University Examination Centre will be advised of the recommended centre via an email sent to your CDU student account – this will be allocated to you based on your current address. If, for whatever reason, another approved off-campus venue may be more appropriate for you, you can select your intent to sit your exams at that location; however the University reserves the right to not approve such a request.

You must confirm your allocated examination centre or nominate an alternative in order for a booking to be created. Not doing so means you are not scheduled to sit your examination/s. Failure to confirm an off-campus centre may result in a fee payable to CDU to facilitate your examination/s.

Students who reside more than the defined radius from an approved University Examination Centre are required to make suitable arrangements to sit their examination/s at another tertiary institution, and to notify Charles Darwin University of the name of this institution. If a local tertiary institution does not exist, students are required to identify a suitable private invigilator.

It is therefore important to ensure your address is correct on our student system so that we allocate you to sit your examinations at the closest approved off-campus exam centre. To check or update your address visit MyStudentInfo.

Sometimes beyond our control, exam centres may become unavailable after the close of nomination. In these cases, you will be contacted and advised of alternative arrangements to sit your examination/s.

All correspondence regarding examinations and their locations will be sent to your CDU student email account. It is the responsibility of the students to check their University email account or setup mail forwarding through 'Managing My Student Account'.

Charles Darwin University reserves the right to amend the kilometre radius to facilitate examinations as needed.

Dates and deadlines for off-campus

Exam Period Exam DatesDeadline for nomination of off-campus examination centre
Semester 1, 201911-21 June 201919 April 2019

Fees for Examinations

Charles Darwin University currently covers all costs associated with the administration and facilitation of off-campus examinations for its students.

Reasonable adjustments / Special examinations

Under certain conditions, students who are required to undertake formal examinations, may apply for Reasonable Adjustment due to disability, special circumstances or immediate, extreme misadventure. A Special Examination may also be an outcome as a result of special circumstances.

Reasonable adjustments

Different timeframes apply for submission of the application. Please check the application for the date applicable to your application.

A student who is unable to sit for an examination at the place appointed, or has special needs or support requirements, may apply for Reasonable Adjustment. This may include additional time for an examination or adjustments where a student believes their examination performance has been affected by illness, disability or other special circumstances.

Apply for a Reasonable Adjustment through eForms.

If you have a disability, please contact Equity Services to discuss possible options such as: 

  • permanent adjustments

  • special seating arrangements

  • any other special requirements.

Please visit Special Examinations/Reasonable Adjustments for further information.

Special examinations

An application for Special Examination must be submitted no less than 7 days prior and not more than 7 days after the relevant examination.

A Special Examination may be granted where a student was, or will be unable as a result of special circumstances, to sit for an examination on its specified date. Special Examinations shall be held in the following Semester (1, 2 and Summer Semester) over a one week period during the mid-Semester break, except for Semester 2, which is held in the Summer Semester exam period. A student who applies for a Special Examination for reasons other than medical grounds, shall submit, with the application, a statutory declaration stating the facts upon which the application relies and shall offer such corroborative evidence as may be available.

Apply for a Special Examination through eForms

Please visit Special Examinations/Reasonable Adjustments for further information.

Contact us

For enquiries regarding examinations:

E: or

Information about sitting your exam

Do I need my CDU student card?

You will need to bring your CDU student card to gain access to your examination venue.  You will not be permitted to sit any examination without it. A valid driver's licence or passport may be accepted at the discretion of examination invigilators however,you may be refused entry to sit your examination. It is therefore strongly urged all students obtain a CDU student ID card. 

Refusal to sit your examination on the grounds of insufficient identification is NOT grounds to be granted a special examination. If you do not have a CDU student card you can find further information and any associated costs at My Student Card

How do I confirm my off-campus exam centre?

You will receive an email to your CDU student email account outlining the process of confirming your off-campus exam centre. This email will contain a link to direct you to the Off-Campus Exam Centre Notification website where you can confirm or change your exam centre, or for some students nominate a private invigilator for your exam.

Students must confirm their recommended off-campus exam centre by the deadline for the University to be able to facilitate all off-campus examination arrangements.

Failure to confirm your off-campus centre by the deadline will jeopardise your opportunity to sit for your examinations and you may be refused permission to sit for your exams at an off-campus location as arrangements cannot be put in place.  Missing the deadline to confirm your off-campus exam centre is NOT grounds to be granted a special examination.

How do I change my recommended off-campus exam centre?

You will be advised of your recommended examination centre via email sent to your CDU student account – this has been allocated to you based on your current address. If, for whatever reason, another approved off-campus venue may be more appropriate for you, you can select your intent to sit your exams at that location.

While we endeavour to allocate all students as close to their residential address as possible, we reserve the right to allocate you to sit your exams at any approved off-campus exam centre within a nominated radius.  Confirmation of your approved off-campus examination centre will be published to your individual exam timetable which will be emailed to you when the examination timetable is finalised.

When should I arrive at my exam? What if I am late?

Arrive Early

You should arrive at your examination venue approximately 20 minutes prior to the commencement of your examination unless otherwise directed- this will give you time to familiarise yourself with where the bathrooms and emergency exits are located and to be seated and ready when the exam starts.

If you are allocated to sit your exam at the Casuarina on-campus exam venue where a bag room is in operation, you should arrive 30 minutes prior to check your bag in to ensure you commence your exam on time.

If you are sitting your examinations at an off-campus examination centre, it is strongly suggested that you contact the venue prior to the examination date to confirm the local start time and room location.

What if I am late to my exam?

Your exam will commence promptly as stated on the examination timetable or as advised by your allocated off-campus centre. If you arrive after your exam has already commenced, you are allowed to enter the examination venue within the first 30 minutes of an exam session at the discretion of the Head Invigilator. However no additional time will be given to you to complete your exam.

If you arrive at the examination venue 30 minutes after the scheduled commencement of your exam, you will not be permitted to enter the venue, in accordance with the Higher Education Examination Policy (PDF 154KB)

What do I bring to my exam?

Your CDU Student Card

You will need to bring your CDU student card to gain access to your examination venue.  You will not be permitted to sit any examination without it. A valid driver's licence or passport may be accepted at the discretion of examination invigilators, however you may be refused entry to sit your examination. It is therefore strongly urged all students obtain a CDU student ID card.  Refusal to sit your examination on the grounds of insufficient identification is NOT grounds to be granted a special examination. If you do not have a CDU student card you can find further information and any associated costs at My Student Card

Permitted materials

You must supply your own stationary (pens, pencils, rulers, erasers etc.) which can be contained in a clear plastic bag. Pencil cases are not allowed in the examination venue. CDU will not provide any writing materials. 

Types of exams

An open book examination

Permits all written and printed materials, with the exception of CDU library books.

A restricted open book examination

Permits specified printed and/or written materials, as listed on the examination coversheet. In Restricted Open Book examinations, a student may bring a translation dictionary (in paper form) into an examination, provided it is on the list of permitted materials. For the purposes of this provision, unannotated means the dictionary must not be marked with handwriting, other than personal identification, or with printed material(s) attached to or interleaved with the original.

A closed examination

Permits no written or printed materials other than those supplied by the Invigilator and/or attached to the examination paper. Each exam has its own list of permitted materials and it is your responsibility to make yourself aware what is permitted. Permitted materials could be, for example, calculators, unit text books, lecture notes and dictionaries.

Can I bring anything else into the exam venue?

You may also bring into your examination a clear bottle of water only without any label attached. Coloured or opaque bottles and any other liquid/drink with the exception of water are not permitted. Food is also not permitted to be bought into the examination venue.

If you have medical condition and require certain provisions for other nourishment and/or medication during your examination, please contact the Timetabling, Examinations and Results Unit to discuss possible reasonable adjustments available to you.


What is not permitted in the exam venue?

With the exception of a permitted calculator, any other electronic device (mobile phone, smart watches etc.) are unconditionally not permitted in the examination venue – this is irrespective of whether such device is turned off. If you are found to be in possession of an unauthorised electronic device, it will be removed from you with an incident report completed for investigation by your Head of School. A record of academic misconduct may also be placed on your student file.

Any items that you bring with you into the examination room that are not permitted will be considered unauthorised and will be removed by an invigilator.

What type of calculators are permitted?

Some exams will permit the use of a calculator. This will be indicated as a condition published on the examination website as either 'Any non-programmable calculator is permitted' or 'Any calculator is permitted' for the examination. For exams that only permit a 'non-programmable' calculator, a basic calculator will suffice. Programmable calculators are not permitted unless expressly stated on the examination website as 'Any calculator is permitted'.

Calculators with the following features will not be permitted for exams classified as 'non-programmable':

  • the ability to display more than two lines on the screen
  • being able to store and replay a sequence of operations (it is however permissible for the calculator to store and recall the last calculation performed)
  • text storage capabilities
  • calculators that permit the entry of a full alphabet (any calculator that has a QWERTY keyboard or allows entry of all letters from A to Z)
  • graphing capabilities, or
  • storage and/or manipulation equation solving capability (e.g. for systems of simultaneous equations or numerical integration/differentiation).

Any calculator with the following features are not permitted regardless of their classification:

  • wired or wireless communication capabilities
  • calculators inscribed with text in a language other than English
  • calculators powered by anything other than internal batteries and/or solar power, or
  • calculators that emit sound when used (that cannot be turned off).

Please note, the University does not provide calculators in any circumstances and students must arrange one prior to the examination.

Who are suitable private invigilators?

Examples of suitable people for invigilation are: doctor, dentist, lawyer, staff development officer, director of nursing (DON), justice of the peace (JP), police officer, school principal or assistant principal, librarian, an examination officer from a similar educational institution or examination centre. Private invigilators cannot be a person related to you by blood or marriage, or a close friend of the family. A private invigilator must be approved by CDU before arrangements can be finalised. Charles Darwin University will make contact with the nominated person to make the necessary arrangements.

What can I expect in the exam venue itself?

For larger examination venues, there will often be more than one exam scheduled in the room during any given session. Once you are inside the examination room, there is no talking permitted unless you have a question for an invigilator.

Take your seat as quickly as possible and place your CDU Student card in the top right hand corner of your desk. Larger examination venues running multiple exams in the same session will indicate where specific exams are located in the room. If you have trouble finding your exam, please request the assistance of an invigilator.

Before each exam session commences, the Head Invigilator will address all students. It is important that you listen carefully to the instructions given and if you do not understand anything that is said, please raise your hand at the end of the address for assistance.

You will be given a warning when you have 10 minutes of writing time left. You may not leave the room during the last 10 minutes.

If your exam finishes before other exams in the room, please be considerate and remain quiet when leaving the venue. This is still important after you have left the room and are moving about the corridors of the building. Once you leave the venue of your own accord, you will not be permitted to re-enter.

How do I change my exam location?

In certain situations, students can apply to change their examination location based on special circumstances. Strict timeframes apply and depending on your request, documentary evidence may be required.
If an examination location change is approved, this will not result in a change of date or time. 

What if I have a question during the exam, or require the bathroom?

If you have a question during your exam, please raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to come to you. Do not get up from your desk or leave the room without first seeking the authorisation of an invigilator.

If you need to use the toilet during your exam, an invigilator will escort you out of the venue to the bathroom. No two students may leave the venue for the bathroom at the same time, so you may need to wait for another student to return.