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Why investigate biodiversity conservation with RIEL?

  • North Australia & SE Asia’s outstanding biodiversity is of global importance

  • Habitats here, including monsoon vine thickets, stone country, mangroves and billabongs, are often still poorly understood

  • Biodiversity is key to ecosystem processes and services, and supports many industries and livelihoods

Biodiversity and conservation


RIEL scientists undertake world-class research to improve the conservation of tropical, semi-arid and arid biodiversity in northern Australia and globally.

Indigenous partnerships are an intrinsic part of our research approach.

Our work includes:

  • better understanding  threatened species and their threats and conservation options
  • investigating biodiversity hotspots, climate change impacts, and species’ movements, adaptations and refugia


  • better understanding how to conserve native plants and animals, and socially and culturally important species
  • developing innovative technologies and methods in biomonitoring and genetics.

    Biodiversity and conservation flyer (PDF, 851.84 KB)

    Interested in biodiversity conservation?