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Why investigate savanna and arid ecology with RIEL?

  • North Australia hosts the largest intact tropical savanna in the world

  • 70 per cent of Australia is arid or semi-arid and yet many ecosystems here aren’t well understood

  • Savanna and arid regions have outstanding ecological, economic and cultural values

Savanna and arid ecology

Ellen Colton (RIEL image only)

RIEL scientists undertake world-class research to understand and improve the management of savanna and arid environments in northern Australia and globally.

This work includes:

  • understanding savanna burning and carbon cycles
  • quantifying ecological responses to fire, land-use and climate changes
  • contributing to invasive species management and landscape restoration
  • investigating animal adaptations, behaviours, movement and populations
  • developing innovations in satellite imagery, lidar and big data.

Savanna and arid ecology flyer (PDF, 851.92 KB)

Interested in savanna and arid ecology?