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Why investigate communities and livelihoods with RIEL?

  • Understand historical evolution and patterns of habitation in north Australia and SE Asia

  • Discover how to help inform successful community-based plans for healthy country and local enterprises

  • Understand the influence of society, culture, economics and the natural environment in community decision-making

Communities and livelihoods

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RIEL conducts internationally recognised research to enhance the wellbeing and sustainability of Indigenous and regional communities in Australia and the near Asian-Pacific region.

This work includes:

  • investigating natural resource-based enterprises such as aquaculture, fisheries and plant production
  • supporting Indigenous land and sea management
  • understanding food security, gender and rural livelihoods
  • assessing social impacts and socio-economic profiling
  • identifying conservation benefits for people
  • developing innovations in participatory action research.

Communities and livelihoods flyer (PDF, 849.86 KB)

Communities, Livelihoods and Natural Resources resesarch group

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