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Why investigate communities and livelihoods with RIEL?

  • Understand historical evolution and patterns of habitation in north Australia and SE Asia

  • Discover how to help inform successful community-based plans for healthy country and local enterprises

  • Understand the influence of society, culture, economics and the natural environment in community decision-making

Communities and livelihoods

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Though collaboration and capacity building, RIEL strives to make a real-world impact and benefit the environment and communities with whom we engage.

This work includes:

  • Working with Indigenous communities to strengthen land and sea management outcomes;
  • Engaging with Indigenous people and local communities to contribute to biodiversity conservation;
  • Understanding how Indigenous communities will be affected by climate change;
  • Researching the benefits that threatened species conservation can deliver to people globally;
  • Supporting natural resource-based enterprises in aquaculture, fisheries and plant production in Indigenous communities;
  • Rehabilitation of blue carbon habitats and livelihoods.
  • Contributing to the sustainability of ecosystem services for the benefit of Indigenous communities and livelihoods in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.
  • Implementing a world-first program for a savanna burning carbon industry in northern Australia;
  • Developing digital technologies to improve livelihoods of local communities in the Asia-Pacific.

Communities and livelihoods flyer (PDF, 849.86 KB)

Communities, Livelihoods and Natural Resources research group

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