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Join our range of student-run groups including sporting, academic, social, cultural, and faith-based groups. Each group holds a range of events across the academic year and new members are always welcome.

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Joining a student group will help you connect with people with common interests, celebrate your culture or religion, and have fun with your peers.  Whether you want to get fit, share your passion, discover something new, or try to change the world, there's something for everyone. 
Get involved and find your people!
Check out the list of CDU student groups you can join, below.
Ally and Pride Networks

CDU is proud to have students and staff of diverse gender identities and sexualities as active members of its communities.


Pride@CDU is a closed group for CDU students and staff who identify as LGBTQIA+. It’s a safe and welcoming (virtual) space for people to connect, share stories, support each other and organise campaigns about issues that matter.

Learn more and sign up

CDU Ally Network

All CDU staff are encouraged to become active allies: visible advocates for LGBTIQA+ inclusion at CDU. As well as taking part in celebration events, they help:

  • share their knowledge with others
  • correct harmful myths and stereotypes
  • identify and act on inappropriate behaviour and negative comments
  • display symbols of inclusion (e.g Ally Network lanyards, stickers and pins) which are provided upon completion of the Ally Network training.

If you are a staff member or know a CDU staff member who is keen to join the network, the staff portal has info on how to sign up.

Bangladeshi Student Association

Determining and representing the interests and views of members to the Bangladesh Student Association, the University, the International Student of CDU, the enrolled students of CDU, other Students’ Societies or Associations and the Bangladeshi Community as a whole.

Join this group or you can contact us via Facebook

CDU Allied Health Collective
Allied Health Collective

The Allied Health Collective is a community of Health Professionals trained through CDU, allowing collaboration, support and networking.  To improve allied health service delivery through fostering a community empowerment and collaboration.  Personal Growth through Professional Development. Creating a community, through collaboration with other health professionals.

To find out more and join!

CDU Business Students' Association
Logo for CDU BSA

The CDU Business Students' Association is the student association which aims to further the interests of all students studying accounting and business at the College of Business and Law of Charles Darwin University. We aim to liaise with the College of Business and law and their departments to ensure the needs of the students are being met. To provide an opportunity for business students to mingle with their fellow college mates as we understand the importance of the social aspect of university life. Assist business students to seek employment by creating links through the various events organised by the society.

To find our more, email us.  To be apart of our Student Group click here.

CDU Chinese Students & Scholars Association
Logo for CDUCSSA


CDUCSSA is a student-run association represents the voice of all CDU Chinese students. The association aims to offer a platform to all the Chinese students in university to assist personal and professional growth. It offers a range of activities for students to expand extracurricular interests, develop social skills and increase academic interactions. It facilitates culture communication in culturally diverse Darwin society. To serve the interests of Chinese students and scholars in the CDU environment.

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CDU Christians
Student Groups Logo CDU Christians

Our aim is to support and encourage Christian University students in their faith during their time at CDU. We also want to help other interested people at CDU to find out about Christianity. We aim to achieve these goals through weekly bible studies, students meeting up together, a Friday Night connect event with dinner, social games and teaching on Christianity. In terms of contributing to student life - all our events provide avenues for students to build friendships and support networks during their time at uni which really aids them in their student life and study.

To find out more visit our website. Click on here to join today!

CDU Information Technology Students Association
Logo for ITSA Student Group

CDU ITSA's objective is to provide all IT students opportunities for growth and a platform of learning new skills, understanding the industry needs and networking with the IT professionals.

Send us an email for more information.  Click here to sign up to our group!

CDU Law Students' Society
Logo for Law Students Society

To provide for the welfare and protect the interests of law students at Charles Darwin University.  To represent the interests of law students at Charles Darwin University through advocacy before relevant bodies of Charles Darwin University on their behalf.
To foster the growth of a positive and inclusive social community for students at Charles Darwin University that encourages networking, personal development and the sharing of ideas.

Join now by clicking here! Check out our Facebook Page.

CDU Magic Club
Magic Club Logo

Magic is an art that combines skill and performance, which brings miracles to thousands of audiences. The Magic Club was established to promote this art to more audiences. The Magic Club holds regular activities and magic theme activities to achieve this goal. The Magic Club provides an opportunity for students and staff, as well as magic enthusiasts to understand and learn magic.

To learn more, join today!

CDU Muslim Student Society
Logo for CDUMSS


Our mission is to create a common platform for CDU Muslim students to preserve and be confident in their unique Australian Muslim identity through advocacy, education, empowerment and engagement so that we can tackle social issues affecting all Australians.








Check us out on Facebook. Join today click here!

CDU Nepalese Student Association
Logo for CDUNSA

Support Nepalese Students studying at Charles Darwin University. by running information sessions about Darwin and Australian lifestyle, accommodation, job search, and local knowledge every semester to new (and old) students. Serve as a support hub for overseas students in NT. Organize different events and programs to establish communication among Nepalese students, promote Nepali Culture, and support sport and recreational activities of Nepalese Student.

We are always looking for new members, click here to register! More information on our Facebook page.

CDU Spiritual Club
Spiritual Club Logo

We aim to foster a mutually supportive environment in which everyone can achieve positive thinking and live a meaningful, fulfilling life. Throughout the year, we have a range of activities, which provide the platform for all members to connect and build comradeship. In our fortnightly discussion group, everyone has the opportunity to interact and share stories with one another. In this positive learning environment, members can learn more about the ways one can maintain positive thinking, cultivate a spiritual life, cultivate oneself, and build positive relationship with anyone in one’s life. At the same time, members will learn about Eastern Wisdom such as Lao Tzu’s Taoteching (Tao: The Way; Te: Virtue; Ching: Classic), Confucius’s and Buddha’s teachings and philosophy.

Visit our Facebook page for more details or click here to join.

CDU Student Council
Logo for CDUCS

The purpose of CDUSC is to:

  • Promote and advance the rights, interests and welfare of students;
  • Represent students within and outside the University;
  • Provide the means for effective communication between students and the University;
  • Deliver other services, amenities and programs for students funded from the CDUSC membership fee and other income received by CDUSC.

To join our group click here.

CDU Table Tennis Club
Logo for CDU Table Tennis

Our Club Mission is to connect discover and grow through multiculturalism and via providing a shared platform to enhance life skills and solidarity among university students and broader Australian community using Table Tennis as a medium. 

Become a member by clicking here! Visit Darwin Table Tennis Association for more information.

CDU Yoga Lifestyle Club
Logo for CDU Yoga Lifestyle Club

CDU Yoga Lifestyle Club provides weekly yoga classes to University students for free (during S1 and S2 only). Other activities planned to help students increase their awareness of health and wellness. 

If you'd like more details please click here or email us.

CDU Virtual Student Club
Virtual Club Logo

CDU Virtual Student Club is a student group started by external students with an objective of organising virtual events and activities for students. Given that a lot of the events are on-campus where online students cannot participate, the CDUVSC aims to do virtual events and activities so that both online and on campus students can participate together through virtual mediums and feel equally included, engaged and inspired in CDU.

Click here to find out more and join today!

Cosplay Anime and Table-Tennis Society
Logo for CDU CATTS


The Cosplay, Anime & Table-Tennis Society (CATTS), primarily aims to promote Japanese culture, namely anime and cosplay. They are a CDU-centralised, casual table-tennis club of average players with a love of the sport.

Join today, click here! Contact us via email for more information.

Logo EnviroCollective 2020

We aim to improve sustainability on campus and raise awareness about environmental issues in the Northern Territory and beyond.  We provide a space for all people who are interested in sustainability and our environment to come together and create positive change through connection, education and inspiration. For environment students, it is an excellent way to meet people in your field, gain relevant work experience, and find out what opportunities exist for employment after university life.

Click here to join our group alternatively contact us via email or Facebook.

Jesus Youth CDU
Logo for CDU Jesus Youth

Jesus Youth is a lifestyle of young people themselves, who filled with the Holy Spirit try to reach out spiritually to young and active students. We mainly focus on enhancing the spiritual upliftment of young Catholic Christians through various events, prayer gatherings, outreach, etc. We also focus on International students who need spiritual support and guidance and make friends for life.

Contact us via Facebook or click here to join!

Indian Students Association NT

This is a Student Group formed by Indian international students to help the newly enrolled students regarding different hardships-financially, emotionally and make themselves homely away from home.

Our mission is to allow all students to interact with each other and spread the Indian culture across the community and formulate a healthy connection with the government education and business sector.

To join click here!

PPIA NT (Indonesian Student Association NT)


The main objectives of the organisation is to create a space where the students can improve and express themselves in the safe environment.  The activities of the organisation is varied. Include education, culture, bonding, competition and seminar activities.

Details head to our Facebook Page, alternatively click here to join today!

Practice Presentation Club CDU

Practice Presentation Club is a platform for students to practice study and presentation with feedback and suggestions for improvement. Three types are involved, which include professional knowledge session for sharing, impromptu speech sessions, and prepared speech session.  We are an inclusive club, here to help students improve their skills and confidence.

Click here to join today!

Student Midwives In Darwin
Logo for SMID


Student Midwives in Darwin (SMID) aims to provide opportunities for students to socialise and network with each other and Darwin’s midwifery community with the purpose of growing as professionals who advocate for, and advance, the midwifery profession. Annually we aim to fundraise for a midwifery related cause.

Joining is easy, just click here! or you can contact usvia email.

Sri Lankan Students Association CDU

SLSA is a Sri-Lankan student community based in Charles Darwin University, initiated to support the growing Sri Lankan community in the University and other institutions in Northern Territory. We promote student engagement activities in Charles Darwin University and collaborate and participate in local community events representing our university. Our aim is to enrich the well-being of members and share the Sri-Lankan culture and values in Charles Darwin University.

To be apart of our group please click here or contact us through our Facebook page.

The Good Games Social Club
GG social club logo

A club which holds social events that involve various gaming-related activities including but not limited to: table-top games, board games, card games, video games, laser tag, scavenger hunts and the list goes on.  Connecting with like-minded people who are passionate about games, in all shapes and form, who aim to share their experiences, as well as experience new forms of gaming with others.

Click here to join today!


University Cricket Club
Logo for Uni Bulls Cricket Club


Uni Bulls Cricket Club want to foster and promote the game of cricket within the Charles Darwin University Community as defined by the Northern Territory Cricket Association. To foster and promote the game of cricket among the youth in the Northern Territory especially within the Charles Darwin University community. To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objectives aforesaid.

To sign up click here or go to our Facebook.

University Football Club
Logo for Uni Rats Football Club

The University Australia Football Club aims to promote healthy lifestyles, engagement with and from the AFL and wider community and participation in Women's and Men's AFL through active training and formal competitions in association with the NTFL.

To join head to our Facebook Page.

University Rebels Basketball Club
Logo for Uni Rebels Basketball


Promote basketball to all persons within Darwin Region and the University, senior or juniors’ players.  Provide development programs; Encourage participation in a sportsman like manner; Development of junior basketball and Participate in competitions. 

More information on how to join go to our Facebook Page.

Women's Collective
Womens Collective Logo

Our mission is to encourage and empower women to achieve their goal. By developing an exchange network with students, business organisations and the Government. In the long run, the group aims to generate a ripple effect for women to contribute in productive ways.

Click here to join today!

RIEL & Co Postgraduate Society

RIELCPS is a student representative body developed by RIEL and SENV for postgraduate students in the College of Engineering, IT and Environment (CEITE) and affiliate organizations. The primary focus of RIELCPS is to enhance the postgraduate student experience by providing social and academic services and outlets, representing postgraduate students - individually and collectively, and providing support to students over the course of their studies.

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