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VET Learner Support Services

Learner Support Services (LSS) is a free service available to all CDU VET students.

At CDU, we understand that every student is different, which is why the LSS team is here to support you with any study challenge, issue or question you have during your VET course.

Learner Support Services (LSS) provides a positive and supportive environment that helps VET students to become capable, independent and confident learners.

The support provided is based on the course material to be useful and relevant to each student.

Here are some of the benefits of LSS: 

  • make sure you understand the key concepts and skills being taught in your course
  • don't get held up on theory because you're having difficulty with English and maths
  • learn strategies to study more efficiently
  • brush up on areas that you find challenging.

How does it work?

Your Learner Support lecturer will give you tips, strategies and advice on doing things more quickly and efficiently.

LSS can be delivered in a few different ways:

  • the Learner Support lecturer may come into the class or tutorial to assist the whole class as they work through the course material
  • a lecturer may ask for support on behalf of a student
  • a student may ask for help directly.

Learner support is not available to VET for Secondary Students or School-based Apprenticeship programs.

What can I get help with?

  • assignments, writing and referencing
  • course material
  • English and maths
  • study skills and exam preparation
  • time management and organisational skills.

Learner Support Services

(08) 8946 7051

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