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Course transfer

You can apply for a course transfer if you're currently enrolled at CDU and want to transfer to a different course or new version of a course, at the same degree level.  


To be eligible for a course transfer, you must:

  • meet the admission requirements for the new course
  • be currently enrolled at CDU
  • have completed at least 10 credit points in your current course
  • apply prior to the commencement of semester.

When your course transfer application is assessed, the Course Coordinator will determine which of the units you have completed can be transferred to the new course.

If any units you have completed are ineligible to be transferred, you will be contacted to confirm if you would like to proceed before the course transfer is processed.

How to apply

Log into your CDU Portal and go to the eForms tile,  then select Course Transfer.

If you're currently receiving a scholarship, you'll need to ensure that you still meet the requirements if you transfer to another course. To check this, please email

Lapsed or discontinued enrolment

If you're not currently enrolled because your place in the course has lapsed or been discontinued, you may be eligible to be reinstated or to transfer to another course. Contact Student Central to discuss your options.