Facilities Management operates Charles Darwin University's fleet of vehicles.  This includes specialised and high-use vehicles allocated to a specific team or department, and pools of vehicles at various campuses available for short term hire.

Facilities Management (FM) has a range of motor vehicles for hire for faculties and schools on a user-pays basis:

For user-pays options view the Vehicle Short Term Hire Rates (PDF 67KB).

For further information contact:

T: 08 8946 6500
E: facilities@cdu.edu.au

Alice Springs
T: 08 8959 5211
E: facilitiesAS@cdu.edu.au

  • Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Medium Wagons
  • 4WD – 7 Seat Wagon
  • 4WD - Dual Cab Ute
  • 12 Seater bus
  • 25 Seater bus (LR Licence required)
  • Light Truck (Limited availability)
  • Only CDU Staff and Students travelling in the vehicle are covered by Insurance.
  • Minors may only be transported in CDU vehicles under exceptional circumstances.
  • Vehicles are provided to staff and students for CDU related work. Personal use outside of work is not permitted.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to inspect the vehicle for damage and serviceability (tyre condition and inflation, fluid levels correct, indicators and lights operational) prior to departure. Any faults or issues should be brought to Facilities attention prior to departure where practicable.
  • If the vehicle becomes inoperable for any reason, please call 8946 6500 or 0477 325 475 for assistance. If practicable, move the vehicle and yourself to a safe position off the road while waiting for assistance.
  • Any damage caused to the vehicle while in your possession will be paid for by the hirers cost code. Standard excess for all University vehicles is $2500.00.
  • The vehicle shall be secured at all times.
  • The vehicle should not be parked or positioned where it may be susceptible to damage.
  • The hirer agrees to abide by all NT Road and Traffic Laws, Local Council and Charles Darwin University Site and Traffic by Laws. Any traffic infringement notices or parking fines incurred while driving a CDU vehicle must be paid by the driver.
  • Each vehicle is supplied with a WEX Motorpass fuel card. This card can be used at most fuel outlets. Hirers will need to plan their trips, particularly remote communities as some of these locations may not accept the supplied card (independent operators). A list of fuel sites that can accept the Motorpass card can be found at www.motorpass.com.au/using-your-card/where-can-i-use-my-card . The pin number for this card is 6500 (last 4 digits of Facilities Help Desk number).The cards are programmed to accept unleaded fuel and oil in petrol vehicles and diesel and oil in diesel vehicles. Hirers are asked to return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, but no less than half a tank at any time.
  • Satellite telephones are available from Facilities on request.
  • Should you require specialised equipment for remote travel, this should be sourced from your department as part of your remote travel plan.
  • When hiring a University motor vehicle for distances greater than 50km radius from the point of vehicle hire, the hirer will be required complete a Movement Requisition Form (available from University Finance links on the CDU homepage) which must be authorised by the hirers supervisor or formally approved Delegate.
  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to clean the vehicle prior to return. Facilities can provide a car wash card from Casuarina Car Wash at no additional cost.
  • Pets, smoking and eating are not permitted in CDU vehicles.
  • Hirer's must have a valid motor vehicle licence and must be registered with Office of Facilities Management by completing and lodging an Application to Drive a University Vehicle.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure they hold the appropriate classification of licence for the vehicle they are driving and their licence is current.
  • Holders of Learners and Provisional licenses are not permitted to drive University vehicles.
  • 4WD vehicles may be hired by all CDU staff for travel on sealed/maintained roads. If the journey requires the user to travel off road and/or engage 4WD, completion of a certified 4WD course is required before the 4WD vehicle can be hired. It is the hirer’s responsibility to understand the conditions where they will be travelling.

To drive a Charles Darwin University vehicle, the driver must be registered with FM by completing an Application to drive a university vehicle.

All bookings for University vehicles are made electronically by accessing the CDU Staff home page and clicking the "Book a Vehicle" icon on the right-hand side menu. If it is found that vehicles are unavailable please contact the Facilities Help Desk on 6500.