Advanced standing

Advanced standing

Advanced standing (also referred to as exemption) is credit applied to your current course of study based on prior achievement.

Advanced standing has two categories: Credit transfer and Professional Assessment.

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Credit transfer is awarded on the basis of completed relevant studies previously undertaken.

The Fast-track Calculator will show you how much credit you may receive towards your next course at CDU. If your course isn’t listed in the Fast-track Calculator, go to the tables on potential credit points for study completed in the same field.

To apply for Credit transfer you must complete and submit the eForm, together with relevant supporting documents. Supporting documents include:

  • OFFICIAL Academic Record
  • Unit outlines* 
  • Certificates/diplomas

If the units of study you are seeking credit for were completed at CDU then supporting documents are not required.

Please note that credit is awarded for study completed within 7 years.

If you are seeking credit for study completed more than 7 years ago and you have relevant professional experience, you should consider applying for Professional Assessment instead. Contact your Course Coordinator to discuss. 

*Unit outlines must be specific to the teaching period in which the unit was undertaken and must include: aims/objectives, learning outcomes, assessment items, resources required and institutional identifiers ( web links are not accepted, these must be converted to PDF prior to submission) 

Professional Assessment is credit awarded on the basis of relevant professional experience.

If you intend to apply for Professional Assessment you will be required to enrol in the unit. Student charges apply as per any other unit enrolment.

To apply for Professional Assessment: 

  1. Check your course structure in the Course Catalogue
  2. Check the Unit Content and Learning Outcomes for each unit to determine which one matches your work experience. 
  3. Send an email to your Course Coordinator and include the following documents*:
    • Statement addressing the unit content and learning outcomes. 
    • Recent resume 
    • Letter of support from your employer.

For further information contact Student Central.

*Additional evidence may be requested after the initial assessment by your Course Coordinator