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Current Students

Student Groups

Find your people. Join a group today!

At CDU we support student-run groups that you can be part of, including sporting, academic, social, cultural, and faith-based groups. Each group holds a range of events across the academic year and new members are always welcome.

Whether you want to get fit, have fun, share your passion, discover something new, or try to change the world, there's something for everyone. 

Get involved and find your people.

Join a CDU Student Group

Find your people! Check out the current CDU Student Groupsand get in touch to join.  Be sure to register your interest with a group and get involved with the fun!

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Manage your group

Check out our free templates, forms and resources to help you make your Student Group successful and sustainable.

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Start a group

If you can’t find a group, club or society that suits your interests, why not start your own? All you need is a unique idea and 10 other CDU students who share your interest.

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