Student retention project

The student retention project is a university-wide higher education initiative designed to address Charles Darwin University’s student attrition rates. The project incorporates recommendations from the Probert report (PDF 215KB), but with a focus on ensuring that strategies implemented are highly relevant and appropriate for the CDU context. 

four quadrant graphic with the words core academic, academic support, identification and re-engagement

This project has been divided into four core elements for implementation purposes:

  • Core academic
  • Academic support
  • Identification
  • Re-engagement.

The overall result – improving student retention – is dependent on all parts achieving the outcomes specified in the project plans for each of these elements. 

The project has a focus on first year success for students and this includes the following initiatives:

To support staff, an Innovative Teaching Seminar Series has been developed. The series provides opportunities for staff from across the University to engage in conversations around strategies to assist students in being successful, independent learners. 

A Student Snapshot report has also been developed as an informational tool for teaching staff. The report provides an overview of student demographics for each unit within Learnline and is intended to assist teaching staff in the design of teaching and learning activities.

For more details, CDU staff can access the student retention project wiki.

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