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Academic support services

Feel supported to study your way with confidence.

New learning takes time and effort. With some forward planning, goal setting and time management you can set yourself up to achieve great results and have some fun while you do it.


We mentioned Learnline in Next steps, but it's worth mentioning again because you'll be spending a lot of time in here, whether you're learning on campus or online.

What can you do in Learnline?

  • Create a personal profile.
  • Communicate with your lecturer and other students.
  • Work on your assessments, tasks and upload assignments.
  • Create a space to collaborate with other users, such as a study group or a special interest group.
  • Join online classrooms.
  • Track your progress and grades.
  • Listen to lecture podcasts.
  • Stay connected on the go with a mobile app.
  • Get notifications when new content is added.

Get to know your library

Depending on the course you’re taking, the library could become your best friend throughout your studies.

New Students' Guide

Whether you’re studying online or on campus, check out the New Students' Guide to find out about resources and services.

Subject Guides

The Subject guides contain a range of resources for specific study areas including databases, relevant subject journals and tips on researching for your assessments.

Explore the Subject guides.

Contact the Library


Academic Language and Learning Success Program (ALLSP)

ALLSP is a free, confidential service that helps all Higher Education (HE) students with academic skills development. The program is tailored to the specific units you are seeking help in.

The ALLSP teamwork with you and your lecturers to help you understand the requirements of your assignments and develop the skills you need to navigate through your course.

Find out more about ALLSP.

Study skills workshops

Study Skills workshops are held on-campus and online.

The workshops focus on developing academic skills like critical thinking, research methods and essay and report writing. 

Find out more about study skills workshops.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are organised group study sessions run by students (PASS leaders) who have successfully completed the unit, so they know exactly what is required.

You'll develop study skills, exam preparation and assessment development techniques specific to your units in a positive learning and study focussed environment.

Find out more about PASS.

Common units

You'll be required to undertake two out of three common units. The common units aim to develop:

  • practical academic skills, including:
    • critical thinking
    • reading
    • researching
    • writing
  • teamwork skills
  • creativity
  • technical literacy.

To assist this, students are provided with the academic skills upfront and are respected and recognised for their diversity in culture, age, economic background and educational attainment.

Find out more about the Common Units Program.

Learner Support Services (LSS)

CDU provides a free Learner Support Service to help VET students achieve their study and training goals.

The LSS team will work with you to build your skills and develop learning strategies. You can get help with assignments, course material, English, maths and more.

Find out more about LSS.

Elite Athlete Support Program

The Elite Athlete Support Program supports student-athletes competing at a national and international level with flexible entry and study arrangements at CDU.

Find out more about the Elite Athlete Support Program.

Student speaking to career adviser

Know your rights

As a student, you have a right to question or seek advice about your assessments or study experience.

There's a number of places you can find information and assistance.